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  1. Looking for a Legendary Nurse class mod to dupe. Got a siren level 65. That would be greatly appreciated. GT: tSavvy
  2. Level 62 commando looking for any legendary relic that reduces the cooldown of the turret if such a thing exists. I have some legendary items to dupe as a form of repayment. GT: tSavvy
  3. I am hosting a dedicated server for boosting tonight so if people wanna join and just get points or wanna rubberband it and stay for the 20 minutes per round at 5 rounds per map you are more than welcome(no DLC just in case). Or you can just get some easy kills from the others who are rubberbanding it as I am sure they do not mind lol. Either way, this could help anyone who is wanting to rank up Send me a message via live and then you can go to my profile. Join session from there(I think that still works). If not just search for a team deathmatch on RSV and look for my room. I hope this works. If it does in fact work, I will do it again on a different game mode like attack and defend for more points.
  4. BlueBlooded, I am looking to boost those too. Add me if you need an extra player. GT tSavvy
  5. Also need this achievement. I'll jump in to a match if anyone needs an extra person for this too. GT: tSavvy
  6. scratch that. a buddy of mine i was in party chat was able to get in a game. i think i'm just having that "Network Error" that seems to be contagious. Tried to delete and redownload Clear the cashe Changed my password Made sure my acct was verified Reset my console Even played other EA games online to see if there was something wrong with my account information(of course they all work fine NHL 13/Bad Co. 2/Crysis 3) And with only needing 2 more games until I complete the Tour of Duty II achievement, I really wanna play it. Any more hints? Tried looking for the Facebreaker demo, to no avail.
  7. For the past few days I've had trouble logging in. I keep getting the message saying Login Failed. Anyone else having this issue? I am trying to work towards my last achievement Tour of Duty 2.
  8. Thanks for the guide. Finished the single player achievements pretty quick with the help of this. Strange thing tho, I still needed 3 more from the last mission with these M-Com Stations but I got the achievement. Odd but I guess it all worked out in the end. Can't help but want to finish it off still just in case. Paranoia setting in I suppose.
  9. This is one of the most difficult achievements to get for me. Its all about luck and hoping to be on that island. Numerous attempts but still no luck. Might just give up on this one... But I'm sure if I do the next attempt would have put me on that island! So I guess I can't give up hope just yet.
  10. Good guide for the most part. I am still having trouble with the Cultural Victory on Deity. Went thru the game and got enough Wonders and Great People and maxed out on culture but couldn't build the United Nations. It wasn't available to build. Maybe it was because I just hit 20k gold. I still am not sure. Maybe its my game and I did something wrong. Still this is a great guide that has helped me through other tough games too. Thanks
  11. That guide helped me a ton. Jumped into a room with 3 players the other day. We beat all the maps with the help of this guide. Thanks for the help!
  12. Looking to get some points if anyone is willing to help. -"Et Tu, Brute" -"Demo Man" -"The Dentist" -"Cantakerous Chauffeur" (35 kills already) -"Ride of the Valkryie" -"Every gun" and "Ecstasy of Gold" Already have a couple finished but still need a few more, especially those sniper rifles Assault/Kills - M16A1/30 - AK-47/DONE - M14/30 Engineer - M10 (mac)/8 - PPSH/DONE - Uzi/63 Medic - M60/58 - RPK/DONE - XM22/38 Recon - M40/DONE - SVD/1 - M21/4 GT: tSavvy
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