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  1. Some of them have hidden locations that you have to search around other locations for. For The Red Ghost of the Tuileries there's a hidden room next to the office you start in that you have to climb through a window to get to, and in Hot Chocolate To Die For all of the locations are just rooms in the building around the courtyard with the body.
  2. If anybody has some Precision Tools that they'd be willing to send my way, I would be grateful. I'm on the Marathon server.
  3. There are, but none of your main game progress crosses over to Cold Cold Heart and vice versa.
  4. I hope you find something that works other than playing through the entire thing again. The achievement didn't pop for me, either, when I got the last frozen victim. I figured I'd search for the rest of the Anarky tags and hoped that getting them would trigger something and pop both achievements, but instead neither achievement popped when I got the last tag.
  5. I finished collecting my last frozen victims and anarky tags after the end of the DLC, and neither achievement popped for me. The map screen shows everything as being collected, but no achievements, goddammit.
  6. Apparently the event will give out a new ribbon every day this week, according to the epic forums.
  7. No idea about the authenticity of this source, but according to this translated Portugese blog post, the DLC is called "1000 Club" and will be available for free this Tuesday.
  8. They also count for the Completionist achievement (Complete ALL progress tracker grid entries) which in addition to requiring 100% on the main missions also requires completion of all the sidequests/collectibles/homestead stuff.
  9. Pack 1 is out for 400 MSP. No sign of pack 2 yet, though it's supposed to be up today. Heads up that even though the DLC is out, the achievements aren't on xbox.com yet so you may want to hold off on earning them.
  10. I've finished off all the achievements except for the last Legend one, and 9/10 is the same difficulty I'd give this game. The one tip I would add is that for time trials, when playing on hard, don't make any extra effort to go for the hard bonus objective. As long as you can clear the main hard time, that should automatically give you the bonus objective on Easy or Normal, which will count the bonus point towards your rank. Just drive into the pits after you meet the time requirement and move on.
  11. According to somebody else's post in the "disappointed" thread, you do need all 864 points to get to Legend rank, so you would need all bonus objectives to get this. Good news is that you can complete an event once on hard, and again on easy (getting the bonus objective) and you'll still wind up with all 4 points for the event. Which is good, since some of those bonus times on hard are absolutely ridiculous.
  12. I just hit Semi-Pro rank this evening, and according to the display of points remaining until the next rank, it takes 400 total points to get to Pro. So with half of them confirmed I'd guess these are the ranks: Amateur: 100 Semi-Pro: 250 Pro: 400 Champ: 550 ???? Ace: 700 ???? Legend: 850 ????
  13. That's not necessarily the case, though, since I can confirm now that the 2nd rank requires 250 total points (so 150 above the 1st rank). It'd be nice to get some confirmation on the point numbers for the rest of the ranks.
  14. Yes. If you've already downloaded & played the game, you can uninstall it and re-install it through Steam and all of your progress will be saved (since it's on their servers). It still uses GFWL even through steam, so you can get all of the achievements in the game with this pack.
  15. I have the preview disc and just got an email containing a download code for the Games on Demand version of the game to fix this. Pretty sweet that I don't need a disc to play this anymore.
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