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  1. Thank you very much for the guide. Hey Admins (if anyone still manages this site), Why hasn't this five year old guide been added to main page Achievement Guide? this is why most people use TA as they are more organised. Please step up your game. Thank you.
  2. By the time you get to the final level that boss is simple after all you been through. Done in one attempt the hardest part of the game is fighting the three mechs with Naga
  3. I get what you are saying but, it did take time to do that level but here's what I did. Water shield, wind and fire. The water shield serves as a buffer in case you get hit by the mech, not the snow. Wind helps you run faster but also increases your speed of firebending. Now what you what is the mech to keep spamming snow and rope attacks and you just keep firing away with firebending with wind as you'll be hit him and the attacks he fires at you, you will be find just watch out when your bending runs out and be careful of the angels on the bends remember you have three lanes this goes without saying avoid hitting the snow blocks.
  4. Thanks guys and for anyone trying this input very fast
  5. Hi all made a session for today. You must have all three DLC in order to join and preferable an extra controller or more. Starts @ 13:00 (1pm) GMT.
  6. Not true this is before the 2010 change so Google gfwl universal keys not allowed to say more then that.
  7. Unfortunately the original game was made Rare and the notorious Midway. Midway games have auto difficulty so even though the game is set on very easy it can randomly change the AI to a harder level based on your skill. So if you wanna get to Eyedol play very crappy and random moves and do only Triple combo & Hyper combo until you get to him. If you play well showing a good amount of skill e.g. Regularly hitting King combo or Killer Combo the game will get harder quicker. Hope this shed some light.
  8. I need someone to run through on insane. While i play as Dominic online now send me a message. GT = Super Geek No 1
  9. Next time go outside and and say over here. Your kinect will trigger them to follow you. You can keep saying over all the way to the room if they stop.
  10. Just play any other gfwl game it will update your achievements
  11. I'm on now just need three to four people to join
  12. I have two copies could get a possible third if needed
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