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  1. I can win lucien dolls! Trade for anything else (except hero dolls) GT: BlocR
  2. Hey guys! I just wanted to get some things sorted out for you The Feign Attack expression is acquired by going to fable2.xbox.com and selecting the crown to the right in the end of the flash-game. The Apologize expression is earned at 100 % good morale. But it is not actually an expression. If you commited a minor crime (i don't think it works if you killed someone) you can quickly press up on the D-pad (the icon is a white "surrender" flag) before the victim/the witnesses run away. You mostly get away with almost everything if your quick enough. As for the expressions earned in Fable 2 Pub Games, you can just find somebody who has those books in their inventory and have them give them to you (not sure if my english was perfect there ) Or you can find a person who has them and all the other expressions but haven't used the Pub Games books. Join his world and watch as he completes he's expression list and you will get the achievement too. BTW this is indeed a great game, but i just need to say it. FUCK MICROSOFT FOR FORCING US TO DOWNLOAD STUFF. Have a nice day! // Bloc
  3. I have a problem: i played the game on fable2.xbox.com and i won all of the prizes. I later picked them up with my character, but i accidentally deleted the save! Now, i cant get them back any way so all i can do now is go to my friends house, unlock the stuff (but for his account) and send them over to my hero. BUT!!! It seems both of us has to be online at the moment and i don't have 2 games... Does anyone know how to do this with 1 game?
  4. Keflings kicked: 0 Gamertag: BlocR Game of choice: Band Of Bugs YEAH!
  5. Haha, I had exactly the same problem, it seems only a handful of people have this bug in their game. What you have to do is very simple: 1. Go into Game Modes 2. Go into Hall of Fame 3. Pick the match with Bret Hart in it and press A for Direct Challenge 4. Fight the opponent and make sure you don't use a struggle submission until the opponent is all red, then use a struggle submission to win the match. That should do it! If you have any problems, just PM me.
  6. Hi! Great idea Method, although i thought of it a few months ago. Well, i guess you were first, but what the hell, who cares. I'm working on a road map for The Darkness right now, and i predict it will be finished in 1-2 weeks (sorry for not being able to finish it faster, i have a lot of homework right now.) I will also write roadmaps for Alien Hominid HD, Portal: Still Alive and Wik: The Fable Of Souls. Anyone out there who wants to play The Darkness?
  7. Thanks! But does anyone know how many Strigons there are per level?
  8. Ok, im not very familiar with this game, i haven't even completed it, so these questions might seem stupid... 1. Can i get both assault records on Hard? I didn't quite get if all of the Strigon aircrafts appear on Hard. (and btw, the location of the Strigon aircrafts is not posted on this thread) 2. Do i have to shoot down all the named aircrafts to get the Estovakian Assault Record? (Hope not) ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Btw I am an expert on The Darkness so feel free to ask about tips or help with levels. It would also be fun if you added me on XBL because lately there haven't been very much Darkness players online. Just remember to say in the friend invite that you want to play The Darkness. Gamertag: BlocR
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