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  1. Trial 8 I found fine. Did it first try, got a 440k shot. I left the middle circle that moves whole, took out one the small pegs in the middle and a gap at the edge to get in. Then made sure I had the 10x multiplyer, activate both greens to put the fairies in the middle and shot into the middle. Trial 6 on the other hand ... took me about an hour and a half of trying. I kept coming up just short, I was having real trouble leaving a good group together. Eventually cleared it with 750,680 points or something. Eventually managed to set up an extreme slide with 3/4 reds and 7/8 purples. What helped was that the last red finished in the middle of the slide and every purple after that gives 10,000 and helps the score a lot.
  2. Similar to WORLDEATER, I was just thinking about getting back into this and playing some survival as I found it so much fun the first time levelling from 30 to 130 fairly quickly. Now there's a new DLC i can see myself sinking some more time into this.
  3. I didn't like it at first with no map select, but now that I've grown used to it I don't think its needed. Although I am finding it harder and harder to play a rotation of maps on a server. Team balancing could definitely be improved a bit, I havn't had a game of pilot hunter in the last 3/4 hours of playing where one team hasn't been obliterated and quit, restarting the rotation.
  4. I have just started to play this game. It's pretty good I'm a few areas in but I'm finding it takes an infuriatingly long time for the game to save after each match. Sometimes it can take over a minute of it just sitting there saving whilst the timer for the match iv just done ticks down. Is this entirely normal as everything is synced up to the servers or I am jus getting it particularly bad? Thanks
  5. I hadn't touched the filters it just wasnt finding anything. I think it might have been a local issue with my 360's connection to the internet. My 360 is on the furthest part of my house from the router (whereas I've insisted that my xbox one is wired in and on the good tv). It's been working fine since then and I've done all the contract cheevo's except compete in a contract challenge thing (if anyone wants to hit me up with one that would be much appreciated )
  6. Hi, I'm having some trouble with the contracts mode. The majority of the time I can't find any contracts and it just shows the bar code loading thing. However occasionally it does find them, and I've played a couple, but each time after I've played one its not been able to find anymore. I'm definately connected to xbox live and its not dropping out etc whilst looking and I've got the contracts pass. Anyone else encountering this? I had a quick search and couldn't see anything obvious. Thanks
  7. Thanks, these are super useful for doing a combined hard/collectibles walkthrough!
  8. My thoughts exactly when I read that! The number of times I've been patiently wearing an enemy titan down from long range ready to get the final hit with the arc cannon to have a friendly titan jump infront of me, block the shot so I don't get a hit then punch them!
  9. I couldn't see this in any of the other threads but apologies if I've missed it, not trying to make multiple posts about the same thing. Once you hit level 50 and regen do you need to do the 9 campaign missions again to unlock the titans? I'm asking as I won both campaigns in about 25 matches. Trying to work out whether I should play the rest of the campaign matches now or wait until I regen and get another 18 each time I regen. Thanks
  10. Best method is to use the minigun in a titan. Try it in Last Titan Standing as you should get many more ejects and the rounds are pretty quick. The most annoying part is auto-cloaked pilots as its almost impossible to hit them other than through pure luck. One thing to remember is to hit reload if you are low, nothing worse than lining up a pilot in the air shooting 1 or 2 bullets and being forced to reload.
  11. Hi, Has anyone got any tips about how to get a clean lap? Specifically why do some laps start with the exclamation mark next to the time? Most of the time I've been nudged by the ever so fairplay other drivers half a lap earlier, yet I still start the next lap having apparently already a crash/gone off the course. I've worked out that drafting invalidates the lap in term of clean laps - presumably to stop people drafting to get better times. But everything else seems a little bit random
  12. I voted yes. I havn't played COD properly since MW2, and havn't been that interested in online FPS games really since then. I've played a lot of battlefield 3/4 but it feels on a very different scale and in my mind doesn't really compare to the like of COD and Titanfall as it feels very different. However since playing the beta, Titanfall has definitely got me excited to be played a fast FPS again. It could be pushed by Destiny when that comes out later in the year but we have very little information on it at the minute, so its hard to say.
  13. Also, along with saying all content will be released by March 2014, the terms list 4 separate DLC releases. Two are named - Freedom Cry and Kraken Ship Pack. Two are not named but described - 1. Additional single player missions, weapons, skins and collectibles - I believe this is the Illustrious Pirates Pack. 2. More multiplayer Mayhem - Which is Character Pack 1 - Blackbeards wrath. This would suggest that as Lavindathar said, there will be no more DLC as part of the season pass. I didn't get the season pass and only have the Freedom Cry pack and am going to pick up the Blackbeards wrath once I get back into multiplayer. But the season pass is only £16 so you do get quite a lot for that price, as I'll be paying £10.40 for them 2, and missing out on the extra single player islands and customisable options.
  14. Fixed mine as well. What had happened was that I went to try and pick one up whilst someone was speaking in the first level and as such it wasn't going green so I couldn't. I was aware that during combat you can't pick up collectibles but not during speeches where you could run. Also as a side note that I didn't realise initially - each chronicle on level 1 is worth 3 on the in game tracker and on level 2 where are worth 2 each
  15. Hi, I'm having trouble getting the Finders Keepers achievement. This doesn't seem to be a problem which I have seen posted elsewhere before. My collectibles tracker is showing 48/51 chronicles collected with 6/9 on the first level "The Beginning". I don't seem to be able to find any reference to anything other than the 42 chronicles which are shown in collectible guides. Which I have all of, as I got them all on my legendary playthrough. Has anyone come across this?
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