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  1. Ive found that if your in vampire lord state, 1/100 times everyone in the town might try to yell at you draw there weapons and then back off slowly... maybe you pissed them off in that state?
  2. I hardly call the mainstoryline with a book glitch doing everything lmao:woop: did you know some books give you quests? and also quests that are complete sometimes end up having a 2nd 3rd or even 4th part! sometimes you cant run into the people. a messenger in town like white run or other major towns will tell you how long they been looking for you. aka running from town to town. also there is more then 500 quests not to mention the tasks to do. so 100 hours doesnt sound like you completed half of em
  3. one cool thing you missed, there is a merchant that will give you a random item of your choosing for 25 soul husks. I saved my game infront of him and went for the spelltomes, he gives you ANY spelltome in the game.
  4. ok i got through the main storyline of the vampire lord with no problems. the side quests on the other hand i have encountered 2 problems and havent even tried to complete all sides yet. first off was in the soul coirn, its jiub's book pages, even looked online and was missing #10. the guy in the video found it right next to the merchant you give soul husks to. I saw that and slapped my forehead and ran over there asap. the barrel it was on in the vid was not on it in my game. ok... another incomplete quest. Any help would be amazing. next side problem... the vampire rings. i got the beast ring just fine. the other one, is in the high ruins which i killed and cleared out. i think one of the mask guys were in there. he is dead on the ground. there are 2 metal bar doors w/o a switch in the back, cant open them. there is also a chick in the front saying its the happiest day of her life and i ask what does it say and she says, " hold on, ive been waiting my whole life to read this.... hmmm, it seems decrypted its gonna take me a while to translate it. I waited more then 365 days and she says the same thing over and over. i dont think she has anything to do with it. i cant find a vid either. and bethsoft didnt give enough beta testers or they would have done more then the mainquestline. also found reaper soul gem fragments and summoned the reaper himself and killed him and you get nothing for it!!! lame.
  5. hello fellow chaos, this game isnt too hard, but you need to have all 50 weapons and you cant get them w/o other people, so other then that, the achievements arent too hard:drunk
  6. looking for all these as well as the weapons, please send msg if i dont and FR
  7. im on adept and i fell off a 10 foot little hill, she lived, but when i jumped off a mountain she died, so she can die, it just takes awhile, no enemy ive seen has killed her, but shes not immortal like the highlander lol, tested and proved:woop:
  8. Fear not fellow gamers, there are 2 things that will prevent that from happening. 1.Not enough people will sign that thing. 2.Blizzard didnt make or touch my copy of Elder scrolls V:Skyrim which is the only form of "SkyRim" I care about lmao, bad joke and false info:drunk
  9. I chose the stormcloaks, which everyone on the guide chose the other side... needless to say the quests are different and i was told to look for the secret camps and so on and so forth, but it doesnt mark them nor show me where they are and I have completed the civil war with out capture of fort greenwall. I went to this fort and bandits attack me, wtf? clear it and no achievement. I also tried fort sungard and stormcloaks are there. I repeated the quest line AGAIN and still no fort sungard or greenwall quest appeared, ask a friend and there was a quest i didnt get, it was commpelling something? i dont remember the name but the stormtroopers dont get it.
  10. nothing makes* you gay, your born that why and if you feel like skyrim is making you gay, then you need a reality check:woop:
  11. when u placed the ring in his pocket did they catch you? I got the quest and failed. got pinched and got out on bail, thats when my quest started.
  12. hey guys, i also picked it up over a month ago, but i cant play it so when i am able to play it, ill help/need help with all multiplayer achievements, ty
  13. I got lucky on mine, it was ayb xxb ayb xxb ayb xxb lol/ tip*** pen and paper? lol write it down... more info to make it ez to write, just remember the last 3 notes he plays and write em down.
  14. I missed 1 card in the well on nightmare, so i beat it, and replayed it. even the second time was fun as hell. I would buy this game, but if you need to ask, then rent it, or play it is what i mean:drunk
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