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  1. Heyyyy. My brother got a new 360 :D I've been working on the band career for Metallica with him. Although I've been busy with other stuff so we haven't had time to do it ^^;

  2. The prices have dropped quite a bit since launch, but you're probably already aware of that. :p

  3. It did...he's planning on just buying a new one, and I'm gonna save up for my own too, so I can be on more and not have to share with the whole family.

  4. Sorry to hear that. Well, it lived a good 3+ years.

  5. Hehe, me too. A majority of my shoes are heels, though, and the rest are flats, running shoes, and flip flops. Today I wore 3 1/2 inch black heels; I went to a wedding. =]
  6. My brother's launch 360 (that I play on) finally red ringed this morning...it'll be a while before I use it.

  7. I got another 48 hour trial. Message me if you want it

  8. You need an avatar and siggy, and all that. I'll pick some out for you =D Welcome to x360a. =] <3
  9. A new pair of shoes =] They're these black 3 inch heeled pumps...I love themm. ^^
  10. I don't mind it...but if its like...so horrible you have difficulty even reading it, then I'll complain.
  11. SynysterGirl


    Hi, welcome to the site =] feel free to add me if you like.
  12. Welcome =] I hope you like it here.
  13. A wireless 360 controller on a 360 arcade? You should...just sync it to that 360. =]
  14. Hi, welcome to x360a. =] I wonder if you like FPS games... =P
  15. Omgomgomg Yachiru You're officially awesome now, and we barely met.
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