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  1. Looking to get the online achievements and play some multiplayer. Let me know if you're interested. GT El tincheo
  2. I'll help anyone with achievements in this if they want. I got them already but message me at El tincheo if you feel like playing.
  3. Hey there. I haven't experienced anything nearly as bad as you have in the game so far. The worst I've had is a a few seconds of slow down but this only occurs ever few hours or so. Also sometimes the compass goes nuts. Perhaps if you try downloading it again? Can't really think of anything else that may be the problem. Do other games act like this on your xbox?
  4. Up for some co-op? Add me GT El tincheo.I'm GMT but I'll play with anyone.
  5. Awesome. Will check it out. Also is it worth going back and getting DR1? Not fussed about achievements but I'm wondering would there be any point getting it cheap somewhere?
  6. Just finished DR2, so I would like to know is it worth getting this Dlc?
  7. It's 50% Off at the moment for gold members on XBL. EDIT: whoops! sorry I was getting mixed up with the 'Case West' dlc.
  8. Hi. I'm looking for some people to play this game with. It's hard to find people with mics so let me know if you wanna play. Cheers GT El tincheo P.s I don't speak spanish xD
  9. Ive never been able to find an online game aftertrying again and again,so if you want to play add me.
  10. hey all. I've gotten all these achievements but I'll help anyone who wants some help,so add me if you want.
  11. Didn't think big corps like Microsoft cared about days of rest They should have given a proximate time at the very least of when the games will be up. It's a business after all.
  12. Will wait up all night and then discover the prices are epic shat. Wonder why it's such a delay. I just want to get MGS if its a decent price
  13. Hey anyone not able to find the games that are on sale for today? It just has the likes of TC GRAW Tomb Raider and Grid.
  14. Sale was good before today. Blops2 is 65 euro even with this sale,so what the hell was it before!? COD4 and WAW are not worth 20euro either. Hopefully Dishonored and MGS HD will be at a decent price so I should get them.
  15. Wow sounds like there's a good few for me to get. Didn't even know Happy wars was free so cheers for that. Thanks for the replies everyone
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