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  1. Just so you know today's update nerfed baby dragon.
  2. Anybody found a solution to the game crashing when gifting an item on the catalogue
  3. japans GWG Colbalt free https://www.microsoft.com/ja-jp/stor...CbB6jNkd7ZbQ)() is this allowed like xbox TOS? Its just on the Japan website is there other ones I am not aware of?
  4. japans GWG Colbalt free https://www.microsoft.com/ja-jp/store/p/cobalt/bss424n935ks?ranMID=24542&ranEAID=lw9MynSeamY&ranSiteID=lw9MynSeamY-p9kq38Ib4XCbB6jNkd7ZbQ&tduid=(ff7b844eb2f9c7defd36067ba8c63c73)(256380)(2459594)(lw9MynSeamY-p9kq38Ib4XCbB6jNkd7ZbQ)()
  5. if you would like an invite to my friends guild just message me your invite code (hit start on the game) the guild is called chazinator and its in the top 300 all we ask is be active and hopefully when we get enough people we can save up and get the guild task achievement. Message me on xbox live GT - That505Guy
  6. Going for all decorations the veteran part where you cant die on every level need a partner Will be doing accolades too Message me Gt - That505guy
  7. Known glitched achievements Adapt or die - sell 20 traps! Killing floor - build 250 ground traps! No pasaran! - build 250 tower traps! Veteran hunter - unlock the tier 3 skills with any character For fix you have to go offline From the home screen press start on world of van helsing Manage game Go down to saved data Delete from console ONLY Load up van helsing it won't sync because you are offline Do the achievement requirement After you are done you want to get your save back First delete your save from console again You can reconnect to xbox live and next time you launch your game you can sync your sAve from the cloud
  8. Adapt or die glitches for me Stuck at 95% I sell traps over and over nothing will get this one to pop anyone else having this problem?
  9. Got mine right at level 23ish just has bugged tracking Also to note my friend got his in the same game
  10. Ok so this is only just an idea because I'm not 100% familiar with how the Xbox loads in. This would require two xbox ones. Dark souls requires 3 playthroughs. If before you get to the end game you logged out of your main xbox which would put your save in the cloud. You then get onto your second xbox load up your cloud save get a checkpoint so the game saves locally on xbox 2. Relog back into xbox one get the ending you want then go to game management through the Xbox dashboard and delete your save from everywhere. Get back on xbox number 2 start from local save (because there is no online save to sync to). Then get a checkpoint so it saves to the cloud and get back on your xbox one and sync with cloud. Repeat for all three endings.
  11. I've heard of ways to keep your mega gobble gums by disconnecting but does that keep your challenge progress please confirm? Bullet Bonanza core gum - [Alchemical Antithesis] (Tier 3 - 3000 bullets) straight forward just group up zombies activate and unload clips into the hoard until unlocked. Escape Artist core gum - [Anywhere But Here] (Tier 3 - 40 teleports) Just try and hit the gobble gum machine every round and when this one pops up just use them. Zamurai core gum - [sword Flay] (Tier 3 - 500 kills) Buy the Bowie Knife to keep this a one hit knife up to 22 needs confirmed. Gum Baller both (Tier 3 - 200 consumes) Will come naturally Ace Up My Sleeve Mega (Tier 3 - unknown) Anything you can spawn in will count Contents Hot Mega - [burned Out] (Tier 3 - unknown) Group up zombies and let one hit you Bells and Whistles Mega - [Ephemeral Enhancement] (Tier 3 - unknown) Once activated your gun will turn pack a punched for 60 seconds. ***I've never used this one but what I assume is you have 60 seconds of your gun being packed so maybe you could run around buying wall weapons during that period of time to get more than one tally? Please confirm? From Ashes Mega - [Phoenix Up] (Tier 3 - unknown) Play multiplayer with 4. When obtaining the phoenix up you can ask everyone in your lobby to down them self for a whopping 3 revives or just wait until everyone is down. Package Deal Mega - [Wall Power] (Tier 3 - Unknown) Just buy a wall gun you want packed.
  12. Submachine Guns - max level 13 (900 kills hex camo) Vesper – Level 4 VMP – Level 8 [The Impaler] Kuda – Level 16 [Crocuta] Pharo – Level 23 [Whispering Regurgitator] Weevil – Level 29 Light Machine Guns - max level 13 (1000 kills hex camo) BRM – Level 12 [bright Oblivion] Dingo – Level 19 [Dire Wolf] 48 Dredge – Level 27 Gorgon – Level 31 Assault Rifles - max level 14 (1000 kills hex camo) ICR-1 – Level 2 KN-44 – Level 7 M8A7 – Level 17 [The Unspeakable] Sheiva – Level 20 HVK-30 – Level 25 Man-O-War – Level 31 [Dread Armada] Sniper Rifles - max level 9 (400 kills hex camo) Locus – Level 11 [Arrhythmia Dirge] Drakon – Level 14 SVG-100 – Level 24 [ikken Hissatsu] Shotguns - max level 10 (900 kills hex camo) KRM-262 – Level 5 [Dragon's Glare] Argus – Level 13 [Ancient Messenger] 205 Brecci – Level 18 [stellar Screech] Haymaker 12 – Level 33 [shoeshining 100] Secondaries Bowie Knife – Level 1 - max level 11 (350 kills hex camo) The Bowie Knife takes forever to rank up normally, but what you can do to speed up the process is get blast furnace on any gun hoard up zombies, shoot to activate blast furnace, and as the zombies die out just spam the knife as blast furnace kills count toward whatever weapon you have out when the zombies actually die. RK5 – Level 9 - max level 7 (400 kills hex camo) L-CAR 9 – Level 22 - max level 7 (400 kills hex camo) XM-53 – Level 28 - max level 11 (200 kills hex camo)
  13. Because in the roadmap it actually doesn't explain a working glitch idk if quiting out ever worked but if you just quit out of the game you lose a life so he must have wrote it pre patch and besides it's good to give hope to someone starting the game to see it straight away before burning lives away
  14. If you feel like you are going to fail a level hit the home button then manage game data save from CONSOLE only. Doing this could set you back a level or two previous so to ensure a save just quit the game and restart. Also you can use this glitch to re roll the daily rewards to get power ups or lifes
  15. Looking to boost the bulk of the achievements from the start. I'm looking to boost what I can during the free weekend I do work nights I go in at 8pm mst -7. Get off at around 4am. Can worm accordingly to a day schedule or straight after work. If you are serious about boosting this game send me a message on Xbl That505Guy. Let's get this done
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