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  1. Amazing work, and the history was an interesting read. Someone get this girl this award
  2. I was going to try to answer these questions one at a time, but I think it's easier and less repetitive to just cover it all at once. Playing games Xbox One is region free. Any games you own digitally or physically will work just fine, regardless of your console's region. The only exception are some Chinese titles, but I won't get into that here since it doesn't apply to you. And yes, that applies to backwards compatible games as well. Buying games This is the main thing that is affected by your console's region. If your console is set to US then you will be using the US marketplace, meaning you can only buy what is available to US customers and you are paying in USD. If your region is set to Japan then you will be using to the Japanese marketplace and will be paying in JPY. There are a few things worth noting here: just like on PSN, your account has a wallet of all the different currencies and yes you can buy gift cards to give yourself credit, and use that credit to buy games. You will not be able to use credit to buy 360 games however, that can only be done on an actual 360 console. if you use the Japanese region, if you want to buy CERO-Z rated games (ESRB M equivalent) you will need to make the purchase with a Japanese credit card; a credit of JPY on your account cannot be used for these. if you use the Japanese region, you will not be able to buy any backwards compatible 360 games. Although the Xbox One marketplace is unlocked, the 360 marketplace is not, meaning your US account can only buy games from the US 360 marketplace, and buying backwards compatible games still goes through the 360 marketplace. even though there is no more region locking, there are still region specific versions of games released, usually for censorship reasons. Japan is one of these countries, so if you want to play with your US friends you will want to make sure you buy from the US region as these are considered separate titles, and you will not be able to play online with people using the other version. A popular example that would apply here would be GTA 5. Game pass Worth nothing I suppose because I was just talking about the marketplace. Like the marketplace, the games available on game pass are also dependent on your region. Game pass just launched in Japan a couple of weeks ago. Language For the system itself (home/guide) you can set the language to English, and this is a separate setting from the region. It is possible to have your region set to Japan and language set to English. For games, I'm not sure. This is the first time I've heard of any games automatically changing based off your system settings, and I don't think that's actually true. But if it is, I would assume it would change automatically based off your console's language rather than your console's region. If you are interested in any Japanese backwards compatible titles, I would do a quick google search first to see which languages are supported, because some games do have English and some are Japanese only; it's really just game dependent. tl;dr you should be totally fine with your console's region set to US.
  3. Speaking as a software engineer who also has some project management experience, you guys desperately need to get out of this mindset. Holding back until everything is "perfect" - in quotes because there is no such thing as defect-free software - means you've delivered nothing when you could have delivered something, and in the literal years the users of this site have been waiting for updates, TA has eaten your lunch. Spec out what you want to deliver, set a timeline to do it in, and focus on getting that out to your users. Then iterate. If you think of new features you want to implement along the way, keep track of them somewhere but they belong in the iteration pile. That way you avoid scope creep. Focus your development effort on the highest value items, making sure they are high quality of course (ie, fixing stop ship defects along the way) but not fixing every little thing; releasing something with a few bugs is better than releasing nothing. And most importantly, if you've reached the end of your allotted time and haven't finished everything, consider dropping some things; again, releasing something is better than nothing. I look forward to seeing these changes if and when they do come out, and really hope it's all been worth the wait!
  4. See here: https://www.xboxachievements.com/forum/forumdisplay.php?f=5660
  5. Sad day for our old 360 games but I suppose the time has come. Question though, while I know historically we've just replaced titles would we be open to making them options instead? That way we don't lose any progress already made towards a club. Eg, if the game list for a club is A B C D and we want to replace game A with AA, then A or AA B C D instead of AA B C D ?
  6. Hey, I've got some new information. First, updates/additions to your fast travel section: Achievements That Will Unlock After Fast Traveling Skag Gully Discovered Skag Gully - Discovered Skag Gully Sledge's Safe House Discovered Sledge's Safe House - Discovered Sledge's Safe House Headstone Mine Discovered Headstone Mine - Discovered Headstone Mine Trash Coast Discovered Trash Coast - Discovered Trash Coast Crazy Earl's Scrapyard Discovered The Scrapyard - Discovered The Scrapyard Krom's Canyon Discovered Krom's Canyon - Discovered Krom's Canyon Crimson Enclave Discovered Crimson Lance Enclave - Discovered Crimson Lance Enclave Eridian Promontory Discovered Eridian Promontory - Discovered Eridian Promontory Jakobs Cove House of the Ned - Complete the "House of the Ned" mission Jakobs Fodder - Complete the "Jakobs Fodder" mission Braaaaaaaaaaaaains! - Complete the "Braaaaaaaaaaaaains!" mission Night of the Living Ned - Kill Ned...sort of Ned's Undead, Baby, Ned's Undead - Kill Ned. Again. I didn't pop the Zombie Island achievements just by fast travelling, I had to travel to Jakobs Cove specifically for them to pop. I would guess that it's not actually necessary to fast travel in playthrough 1, I imagine travelling to that location in either playthrough would do the trick. Second, I also unlocked Ding! Overleveled - Reach Level 51 Ding! Overleveled to 11 - Reach Level 61 by joining another game via Xbox Live. I was already level 69 so I couldn't level up again to trigger it that way, but I joined a game to duplicate my weapons and it triggered as soon as I accepted; the game didn't even start. It did not pop when I hosted an Xbox Live game however.
  7. To buy on xbox.com: * Japanese account * Japanese IP address (use a VPN) * Japanese credit card? (my Canadian card was working fine up until a few months ago, but they must have changed something) To buy on 360: * Japanese account * NTSC-J console * Region set to Japan * Can use account balance on the console, so you can just buy Japanese currency gift cards ahead of time; other than that you need a credit card, same as above
  8. I guess I'll give it a try when I get home, but your answer is what I expected. Oh well
  9. On Xbox One we can share games and subscriptions with other accounts on the home console, and it does appear that the gold sharing applies when playing backwards compatible games (I can play online, use party chat, etc) but I was curious if anyone knows whether gold sharing applies when trying to buy a game that is on a gold-exclusive sale? It obviously doesn't work when trying to make the purchase on xbox.com, but if I were to try and make that purchase on my home Xbox would the gold discount apply?
  10. I'm not aware of any turbo controllers for XB1, but if you buy a cronusmax you can just use your 360 controllers.
  11. There are some differences between the versions functionally, but I assume you just mean differences in terms of being Xbox One X Enhanced... in which case the difference is that the 360 version has received an enhancement patch but MCC has not. That is currently being worked on as part of a larger update, and when that update arrives then there should be no difference.
  12. LOL. "Your feedback is welcome" and then closes thread. Classic

  13. I'm posting this because I recently attempted to sign up for an Xbox One max club and one of the moderators decided that because I didn't follow the format for sign-up I had to resubmit. When I replied saying that it's never been an issue before and that I had still provided all the necessary information I received a snide response (very professional!) so I thought I'd try to offer some constructive feedback instead. That feedback is simply: the barrier of entry to the max clubs is too high. When designing a system or process for users to use or follow you want to make it as simple as possible or they aren't going to respond how you want or expect - and this situation is a great example of that. Here's some of the issues I see and some potential fixes: 1) it took me like 5 minutes just to find the sign-up thread. I used to use the site a LOT as many of you know, so I think it's fair to say that generally I know how to navigate the forums. However, I haven't been here in a while and forgot where the sign-up thread was, and actually had trouble finding it again. I would have expected it to either be in the "Xbox One Clubs and Leaderboard" section itself, or maybe if you had a separate section for sign-ups specifically - which is the case - that it would be labelled as such. It took me a second to remember that the section headings are actually forums themselves and by process of elimination that must be where the sign-up threads are. I'm willing to bet that most users don't even know that to begin with (that the headings are also forums) and would also have difficulty finding the sign-up threads. I do like that all the sign-up threads are grouped together (personal opinion) so I would suggest making a sub-forum called "sign-ups" or something similar. 2) the user signing up needs to check themselves if they are in one of the "spotlight" positions. But why? It's totally unnecessary to have the user go to each individual game thread and find out if they're going to be put in the spotlight position because the max clubs member who is adding them can figure that out themselves. They're going to the thread to add the user's name to the list either way, and presumably they're also verifying that if I say I'm in spotlight position 5 then I actually am in that position, so why make the user do that at all? It doesn't save the max clubs staff any time but adds time to the user sign-up process and complicates the sign-up post. 3) the user signing up needs to keep track of their number of completions and total max club points. Again, why? Unlike specifying spotlight positions I would say this could actually save the max clubs staff time - which I support, if it makes sense - because if I'm signing up for 10 games at once it's a lot easier for me to tell you that I get an additional X points than having you add them up yourself, but again I assume you're verifying what I'm telling you is correct so you're probably doing that calculation anyway. And even if you're not, I don't think anybody is signing up for a lot of games at once, so I don't think the time we're saving you is worth making for a worse user experience 4) the user signing up needs to separate the base game from the DLC. This makes total sense when I've only partially completed a game (some DLCs are done but some aren't) or if I'm signing up for the DLC club after I've already signed up for the base game, but not so much if I'm signing up for everything at once. My recent submission would have looked like for example: AC Origins [1000] AC Origins - DLC 1 [250] AC Origins - DLC 2 [250] But why not just go: AC Origins [1500] Now the only problem I see with that is that then the max clubs staff need to know if AC Origins goes up to 1500. If it does, great, if not then what 1500 am I submitting? Base plus DLC 1 and 2 or Base plus DLC 2 and 3? And no, that confusion should never happen because then we're creating more work for the max clubs staff - which I don't want - so what I'm suggesting is that we set it up so that users can sign-up with something like AC Origins [1500] IFF they also add some sort of notation to verify that that 1500 covers the base game plus all DLCs. 5) the user signing up needs to specify total number of completions and max club points even if they don't care about that stuff. This is me actually. In my recent submission I really only cared just to get my name added to the list of people who completed AC Origins, not for the spotlight or completion tracking. I did add which spotlight positions I was in because I felt that was necessary information as the way the clubs are set up now, but I didn't include my total points or completion totals because I don't care about those. Now, based on my previous comments I feel that the user shouldn't have to be providing that information period (whether they want it updated or not) but if after going through this feedback you guys conclude that you think the user should still be providing this information instead if having the staff figure it out, then at the very least I would say make it optional. In that case, update it if I include it and don't if I don't include it, but don't force it on the users. 6) the user signing up needs to sign up in a very specific way otherwise the post is rejected. This is what happened to me. Really? As long as all the necessary information is provided, who cares what the format is as long as it's clear? The only reason I would say otherwise is if you guys have some sort of script that needs to parse a specific format to auto-add people to the clubs, but I'm gonna go ahead and assume you don't have that, just on the basis of if you did, then you guys would probably be also strict about naming conventions for it to work properly (ie, specifying the game as Assassin's Creed Origins instead of AC Origins)
  14. Never said it was hard or anything else... I just said that you're the first person that's had an issue with my not posting in the "correct" format. I'd give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you're just a stickler for the rules and you're not picking on me specifically except that we both know that's not the case. In any case, rather than arguing with you about it I'm just going to post some feedback for everyone to see

  15. I don't think I've ever signed up using the format of the example, and it's never been an issue before... as long as you guys get the necessary information I'm not sure why it matters.


    Also... I think that given this site has issues with community participation you probably shouldn't be turning people away for the sake of being pedantic

  16. If you guys can't do a club for Gears because there aren't enough games, maybe do a club which has multiple franchises in it, with each franchise being it's own "tier"?
  17. Yep, I would only add the note when that game is out of the ordinary. No need for unnecessary extra work. I agree that XBLA and Windows platforms default is digital only, but I would say the default for the Xbox platforms (the XB1 in particular) is physical + digital. The reason this came to mind is because as far as regional stacking goes, it's often the case that the international version is available both physically and digitally but the region specific version (Japan especially) was often physical only. I've got a collection of links to region specific versions (AU, DE, and JP) if you're interested.
  18. Thanks for doing this - this forum is much easier to navigate than the single old thread there used to be. Could I suggest two more pieces of information be added for each game? Indicate whether the game is digital + physical, digital only, or physical only (or to save time and space, assume each game is digital + physical, so only indicate if it's digital only or physical only) If the game is digital please include a link to the game page on xbox.com/microsoft.com I've bought a bunch of other-region games recently for stacking purposes, and finding links to the digital versions was difficult, especially when I was searching for something that didn't exist (some regional stacks are physical only). It would be great if all this information was available in one place.
  19. IMO, as a mod you should choose either to participate in an argument like a regular user OR close the thread, but not both. Arguing with someone and then closing the thread seems abusive.
  20. The best thing this site had going for it was it's niche... achievements. Attempting to be a one-stop for everything gaming has taken focus away from that, and allowed other sites (TA) to pull so far ahead that this site can never catch up. It's sad that we've arrived at this point, and sadder still to watch the staff busting their asses and pouring their hearts and souls into keeping this place alive. Saddest of all is that all of this effort is for nought - because you have no assistance from the people with the real ability to make this place better. Damn, that was a savage thread. But so full of truth. What's really shocking there is how dismissive Webb was, despite many of the complaints coming from staff themselves, including moderators and (ex-)admins. He jumped immediately to dismissing genuine feedback because it was "not constructive" and played the victim. One person who commented was bang on the money - if he's putting in 80 hour weeks and the current state of the site is what we have to show for it, then something is very very wrong and they need help. It boggles my mind that RX still refuses outside help with the coding aspect, especially when it's from people who are better at it than him AND when they'll do it for free. That whole bit about it being too complicated for someone new to jump in to is total crap too...
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