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  1. Has anyone unlocked a single Yellow Cover for Storm Mohawk? I have been unlocking covers as I've been going. When I unlocked Storm Mohawk, there were only 2 characters that did not have all of their covers. Psylocke and Magneto (Marvel Now) Since that time, I have unlocked all the covers for both of them and 5 green and 5 black covers for Storm Mohawk. I still have not unlocked a single Yellow cover for her, and I have since unlocked all the covers for Spider-Man Bag-Man Black Widow Grey Suit Nick Fury Captain America Steve Rogers Daredevil Doctor Doom Human Torch and Invisible Woman So while I guess it is possible to unlock over 100 covers without unlocking a single Storm Mohawk Yellow, I find the odds very unlikely. So I was curious if anyone has been able to unlock this cover, or if I am the only one having such a hard time getting her 3rd attack to unlock.
  2. Does anyone else's game have no live enemies on the 1st level and on the 3rd the eye never opens and the gates never go down? Any way to fix this? ***So it took my kid explaining I have to open the door it doesn't open automatically
  3. Has anyone had any issue after downloading the game where you try to start the game it just has a black screen and locks up the xbox?
  4. So as the title suggests, today I was very excited because I finally got the 15 million achievement, and had a few weapons worth over $10 million each. And that's when my save corrupted Lost all pets all items and all mana The only positive, I still have the experience for all 8 characters If anyone has any decent items they are willing to give up, so I don't have to start rebuilding from scratch, please let me know. I am on EST
  5. You can add me to the list of people this has happened too, has anyone determined why or how to avoid this happening?
  6. Rickmassacre The free ones you download, did not come back when creating a new file. The messages did not come back after they have been accepted even on another save. Mr Smith 2K6, I received your message and I have responded through live, I also want to thank you on here as well.
  7. I have 1 additional question regarding the figures... has anyone logged in with their figure under their same disney account on a different console? If so do you carry levels or is it different for each game?
  8. Have a level 36 character / just finished the main game / getting ready to work on the DLC / Does anyone have any weapons or a shield in that range that would help when doing the DLC, that they are willing to dup?
  9. There are 4 of us playing Disney Infinity right now. If we each want to have a level 15 character in our game and showing up in the Hall of Heroes Is there a way to do that or if I have Jack Sparrow at level 5 and my son takes ownership, will Jack still be level 5 or will it reset the character as the description states... And if it resets... if I take ownership back, does it go back to the level 5 or will it reset completely for me?
  10. My son's profile ended up getting corrupted last night. He has a positive attitude about it and said at least he can start over and continue playing the game... However, he noticed that the free cars he got from Turn10 directly are also gone in addition to all the cars he had purchased. Does anyone know if there is a way to get the free cars back if a profile has been lost?
  11. I know this quest is currently glitched. However I have read in the past that some people have supposedly been able to get this quest using the Wii version of Skylanders Giants. I tried defeating the Evil Chop Chop with Legendary Chop Chop on the Wii and did not unlock the quest. I reset Legendary Chop Chop thinking perhaps it was an upgrade path continuing to keep me from unlocking this quest. Again, after defeating Evil Chop Chop no quest unlocked. So my question is, has anyone found a way to unlock this quest and if so... what exactly did you have to do?
  12. Are there enough gems in the levels to buy all the characters? I've replayed levels and don't get extra gems so are there enough gems in the game to get all the characters without trading for extras?
  13. Has anyone found Series 2 Wrecking Ball or Series 2 Spyro anywhere other than GameStop yet?
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