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  1. ok im doing the tolands legacy bounty and you need 10,000 points for the last part of it. I suck at multiplayer BIG TIME,never play it in any game in fact i hate multiplayer,how can people say its easy? oh and when i say i suck i mean im lucky if i get 1 kill in a match. now on top of that im lvl 26 hunter both subclasses maxxed,legendary gear and the last word hand cannon,YET im being one shotted by lvl 6-7 players who have basic items that do 20 damage WTF HOW am i ment to do this when i have that to deal with? any help will be more than appreciated. BTW im doing control matches as ive heard its the easiest,oh and even if i get 2000 in match it only gives me 300 towards the bounty wth
  2. ok ive done everything the guide says,ive looked online and still this cheevo hasnt popped for me,ive sat here for an hour doing it and it wont pop. I know how to do it so what am i doing wrong? im doing it in splitscreen
  3. ahh yeah cheers LOL ive just noticed you could scroll left and right with lb and rb lmao too busy playing to notice any of that.
  4. ok in the medals section of your records ive counted how many i have in total and its 134 so far BUT under the titles for the 150 medals its saying i only have 117 medals. question is do the mercenaries and agent hunt actually count towards this cheevo or is mine screwed up?
  5. this all the way,grab the flamethrower..........I just did this on my solo professional playthrough. (ive actually just beaten that level and came on to see if there was any easier ways) I beat both tyrants with the flamethrower in less than a minute and theres an ammo crate right there so you can refill,2 clips and a tyrant is down 4 clips and your done.
  6. i have a question about farming chichus. how exactly do you do it? ive already beaten valfodr 70 and every time i go to fight him again its valfodr 99,so how do i fight lvl 70 again for chichu's?
  7. ok this thing is ridicuously hard to get. ive got everything im just farming monsters to infuse,i have the crystal fragment and im even using odin because ive heard he has a 500% capture rate. 20 tries later and i still dont have the damn fencer what gives.
  8. the box your referring to ive just picked up and that allows you to close the oerba 300 gate not the academia 400 gate.
  9. ok ive played the lightning dlc twice and still dont have the new lightning what gives? is there something specific i have to do?
  10. ah cheers havent played that yet,only found out yesterday it was out lol
  11. ok just how do you beat this thing? ive seen posts on other forums with setups and ppl saying theyve done it in 1m40s and i dont get how,im using the same setup and equipment they say to use except for minor differences. lvl 99 characters lvl 99 omega COM lvl 13 lightning with power crystal build and maxxed purple chocobo yet im getting smashed in seconds,just how do you beat them?
  12. im probably missing something but ive been playing other things lately................the only lightning i have is a RAV,since when is she a COM?
  13. THQ have said on the official forums that the dlc isnt ment to be out yet and its a microsoft cockup which is why its on the marketplace,thats why noone has recieved codes for it yet.
  14. you will get an email with a redeem code when it actually becomes available to download,it should have mentioned that when it thanked you
  15. ok guys apparently its not out yet,its a cock up by microsoft,its not ment to be on marketplace. LOL bravo microsoft you done it again
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