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  1. The online in 2012 is fair. does the original even have people online anymore? anyway the only drawback to 2012 online is that the douchebags go to dashboard when they see defeat comming. like you mentioned, the ability to remove cards from the original 60 is great especially after not being able to do that in the original. In terms of the OPs question comparing the arcade game to the RL game is this: the RL game is great but can get confusing with all the counters/phases/rules etc am i right? well the arcade game is a great way to play without having to deal with all the counters/phases/rules.... everything is simplified enough to where you dont have to think too hard but still complex enough for someone who knows how to play will have an advantage over their opponents. IMO i think the arcade version is a great alternative. i like the original arcades music and boards better and the ability to have jace beleren as your character avatar (cuz hes the best ever). 2012 adds more modes including archenemy but 4 players FFA matches seem to be non-existent due to the community not the game itself, not that the originals 4player FFA was ever fair (cuz friends would tag team ya). hope this helps i may have rambled a bit
  2. testing my posts dont seem to be going up they are staying at 156? if this goes to 157 then my fault
  3. I save before or during dragon encounters too. I just missed out on a soul myself and thought maybe it is because I had previously cleared the shrine in which this dragon was guarding. I saw your post and reloaded my save but didnt get a soul that time either. im thinking its because it was from a previously cleared shrine, but as the OP said he didnt get a soul from a dragon nearby whiterun, not a shrine. hmmm. idk?
  4. There is a nice Light armor metal mask with hooded head/neck that i found on this enemy. the hood is called KROSIS and adds 20% to Archery, Alchemy, and Lockpicking. its pretty good looking and nice stats for light armor classes. here is the info http://elderscrolls.wikia.com/wiki/Krosis now i know the mask is already enchanted and thus my post may not be any help to you :\
  5. weapons sheathed = closer 3rd person weapons drawn= zoomed out 3rd person
  6. yeah this is true, i did that using a chest and dresser at a guild hall in previous games and they stayed for a bit then poof gone. The first NPC i got was the archer from the first town you go to (if following the story) who is in a lovers quarrel with a guy name SVEN over some girl whose father owns the shop that was robbed (of the golden claw) First i told Sven id deliver a letter for him, then i told his rival about it, then i agreed and gave a letter from the rival to the girl in question. after doing this you can use the archer as a follower. very easy and short questline in a small area. hope this helps.
  7. So if you have the hardened edition and are now technically a founder like everyone else who has played before the 13th can you hook a friend up with your founder card code (the hard plastic one) if they havnt gotten the service before the 13th? or do you think that the code on the card is somehow linked to the token you get from the booklet in the hardened edition?
  8. Use Nikke's method and pop out the battery packs during the match start countdown (from character/weapon select screen).
  9. Very nice dude. I will try using this one for now and see which one works better. I like your idea, however I will pick my favorite based on functionality
  10. agreed, i do think they should be exclusive but you are right about people selling codes etc
  11. Nikke you said in your video that you should make sure you do not die well, i happened to get hit by a trebuchet and went down i know its not the same as dying but i think thats part of the medal. When i finished the chapter i didnt get the ribbon since i went down, however when u restart checkpoint it counts as a new game and it acts as if you didnt go down. or so im 95% certain of this. Nevermind this theory is totally busted and as Nikke said, DO NOT DIE
  12. Dont wait, if you wait they will be patched
  13. Im not sure but you will get XP everytime you finish because of the ribbons you get, and it takes about 8 seconds max to finish the level from the checkpoint. plus everytime you level up your medals you get a fat chunk.
  14. This method is excellent! IM using it right now anyway you could post what medals we are working on and the numbers for them? i know it says them briefly in the video but im a visual learner update: nevermind i took the stats from ctrl alt defeats spreadsheet and posted them here King of Cog xxxxxx 1mil 2mil 5mil 7500000 Number 1 xxxxxx 20 60 140 240 Survivalist xxxxxx 20 60 120 240 Aficinado xxxxxx 50 150 300 500 update: after the 15th time i noticed that the gate did not lift up, the DBNO locust that triggered the checkpoint was up now and he cant die, he kind of follows COG around like hes part of the team lol. so make sure u kill all ur enemies and not down them, or you might end up boosting a bit slower like me
  15. Just downloaded the ss, great work man actually now that im looking at this, some of the numbers are wrong. like the spreadsheet says veteran is 1000 for silver but i have silvered that medal and only have 595 matches, and match winner is silver with 263 matches and the spreadsheet says 500. there are probably more errors. but i love the idea !
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