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  1. Congratulations!


    The following guide and roadmap has been processed and published by the Guide Team staff:


    Starlink: Battle for Atlas


    Please post any updates within the Updates or Corrections: Guides & Roadmaps thread. Also, please check the Award Tracking: Guides and Roadmaps forum to make sure we are up to date.


    We look forward to your future submissions! Thank you!

  2. Some time-related addenda from my guide... I estimated 15-20 hours for 1000G in the guide because I felt it was reasonable to take 12-15 hours to fully go through the story of the game and level up enough to beat the final boss, and then added on a few hours more to clear up the "do these random tasks" ones. It'd be interesting to see what people think of my estimation. For the record, I'm at 60 hours in, but I've done way, way more than is needed just for achievments - including the Crimson Moon content, which has no associated achievements (a missed opportunity in my book). I've gone out of my way to get 100% Alliance on every planet and done a bunch of side-quests too.
  3. I tried using the session system last night for the Scott Pilgrim game. It strikes me that this system could be great for drawing people into sessions for the more obscure titles that people need to boost (as it's almost impossible to find casual matches for them without organising things ahead of time). The problem is that the sessions menu isn't easy to stumble across - you have to click the "Sessions" link in your profile box and then hit the link to "look for open sessions". Why not have an announcement box on the main page of the site that would cycle through upcoming game sessions, or make "Sessions" a more prominent menu option? There's a ton of empty green space in the Xbox Achievements logo banner that could be put to use...
  4. I've had this happen to me a couple of times. Restarting the game should fix it.
  5. I'm looking to boost as many achievements as possible over this weekend. If you'd like to do the same, drop me a line. GT: CNash85 (send message first, no unexpected friend requests please!)
  6. Hey everyone - I'm looking to finish off the online camera and race/event type achievements, including the 8-player race... so PM me or send me a message over LIVE if you're interested, and we can work out the best time to do so. GT is CNash85. Please send a message first, no anonymous friend requests!
  7. Updated the download link, as my Rapidshare has apparently died...
  8. Hi again,

    Thanks for taking care of this; it's appreciated.


    As the first achievement is now "Zuo Ci" and not "Zhao Yun", the paragraph of explanatory text from the "Zhao Yun" achievement needs to be moved to the "Zuo Ci" achievement. Consequently, the sentence "See "Zhao Yun", above, for details" in all of the other achievements will need to be amended to "See "Zuo Ci", above, for details" (and this sentence should be added to the "Zhao Yun" achievement).


    That should be all that needs doing; there aren't any other references between achievements.


    I'm thinking of adding a description of the control scheme to the Roadmap, possibly with an image - if I can find the time to do it, that is. If I do make changes to the Roadmap in the forum sticky, can these be easily transferred to the main site?

  9. I agree, the order did make a mess of the guide.

    Let me know what you wish me to replace the misdirected sentences with.

    Cheers! ;)

  10. The picture for Wideawake's Secret tag 1 is missing.
  11. Thank you very much, and thank you for "submitting" it so that it could be posted on the main site! I had been meaning to do this myself, but alas, real life has a tendency to get in the way... To block, hold LB. Note that you can only guard against attacks from the front. You can also tap LB if you're sent flying into the air by an attack in order to recover. (As an aside: It may be worth me editing the Roadmap to add the controller layout. I had assumed that anyone choosing to play this game would have a decent enough knowledge of the Warriors series to be able to just pick up and play, but as it turns out, this may not be the case...)
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