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  1. You're the man no matter what people say!!!!! I've been using this since 2K12, helps a lot being a college student....thanks man
  2. Hey All, we need one more. We're all on boosting RIGHT NOW. Please message me if interested, thanks. GT: theFATcatGREEDY
  3. Looking for one more person to assist in a boosting session on November 15th at 11PM EST. We boost regularly so we're looking for one more consistent person. Please message me. GT: theFATcatGREEDY
  4. Thank you! I used this to get my create a legend achievement, with Blake Griffin (he's on the hornets on this roster)
  5. Same here and thanks for the mobile app tip.
  6. Mr914

    SP to VC

    Enlighten us please. I enjoy the game but I refuse to pay for some dang VC.
  7. Same here except I was told I can go 1,7 or 10. I went 5th to the Kings and I start instead of T.Rob. Funny thing is the GM said I will play PF if drafted (I'm a 7'2" Center) and I did after 10 games.
  8. This is by far the best 2K thus far. I do however have a few complaints though. -No Crew Mode - I like Blacktop but being limited to half court basketball is ridiculous. - VC - You pretty much have to purchase VC if you want anything or else you'll be playing the game like a mad man. I play 2K ALOT but it's ridiculous that earning it in my player will take seasons of playing to get good. Even the milestone VC points are ridiculous. - I also have two xbox's I play on and the sneakers don't carry over on the cloud drive. I have to create the same sneaker twice. Sigh. - Online integration may get annoying if the servers have the same issues as the prior 2K titles. - No previewing items before you purchase them. - You have to pay for EVERYTHING. - In game complaints during gameplay (maybe two or three) - I agree on the cosmetic issues. The tattoo's, etc.......... These are all small complaints that will not stop me from playing this game.
  9. Same for me. I'm happy it's done. I did one level every few days as to not get completely frustrated. Only thing left are the multiplayer achievements...
  10. I need a few more achievements online. Please let me know if you guys are boosting. Thanks. If not, message me and we can create a boosting group. GT: theFATcatGREEDY
  11. I want to start a boosting session for this. Please let me know if you're interested. I'll notify those when we have four, when we can start. GT: theFATcatGREEDY
  12. That would've been funny considering Dr. Klein mentioned "penis" when the DLC initially started.
  13. Hey everyone, We're still one short, please let me know if anyone is interested. GT: theFATcatGREEDY
  14. Hey everyone, I need the ranked achievements. I have all of the freeskate achievements completed. Anyone else in need, please let me know. Thanks. GT: theFATcatGREEDY
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