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  1. Worth a shot but see if anyone posts. I've tried following this guide for my ps3 version and I'm just not getting nowhere near max approval with the damn genlocks or Hurlocks in that first area. Even with the 2 gifts. Any advice when the AI keeps taking every kill I work for?!
  2. I'll try him again later tonight. I was starting to get a little worked up last night. I didn't have this problem in Casual or Normal mode.
  3. I can anticipated most of his attacks till the third phase when he starts cloning himself running all over the place. Before that I can handle avoiding most attacks except when I try to use the M3 when he teleports at a angle. Or my movement when he does teleport puts him into a angle where I can't hit his chest piece in time. Also sometimes when i know I hit his chest piece when his heart shows it doesn't register the attack. Could that be from the spread of the Shotgun?
  4. I made it to the final boss but having a hard time taking him on in this mode. I tried using the M4 Sniper Rifle but he seems to teleport behind me too much. Is there a way I can set up the M3 Shotgun maybe so I can do some serious damage? Or maybe some tips to better cope with using the M4 Rifle in this fight? Cause I suck at dodging in this game.
  5. Yeah the RPG in Chapter 7 seems to be a one time pickup. Also I tried that also where I held on to a RPG during the boss fight in Ch. 11. It didn't stay in my inventory either.
  6. Should've mentioned it sooner lol I'm on my Infernal Playthrough Edit: That video don't help much since he ran right through the damn things and I can't do it. Every time I fucking try I just end up dead. I just hate that Parker char so much! Edit#2: Sorry for being a little snippy with the last edit. I know your trying to help me. I'm just at a lost with him when my Jill can destroy anything just by 1 shotting the damn things and this isn't even Terragia 2nd visit in the campaign yet Edit#3: I was able to get past Episode 10-1. Was able to xfer supplies to Parker after all. Although I think it'd been better for Teraggia Visit 2. But least I'm past that part Only problem I've had with Infernal mode has been with Parker. Chris scenarios and Quint/Keith's have been easy compared to his.
  7. Any advice for controlling Parker then in Episode 10? I know this isn't even the hardest part yet with Parker since I still have his last flashback scene.
  8. Can I send supplies to Parker in Episode 10? Cause I'm having a hard time getting through this episode with Parker as he starts off with barely any herbs and such. This is when I need to get to the bridge not the flashback scene later on.
  9. I just started downloading my free copy also. Haven't played Fable 3 yet so I can't beat a free copy
  10. I haven't had too much problems doing Infernal after Casual then Normal on NG+. Made it to Episode 5-3 so far and not too many problems. So far I think my only real prob was Episode 2-2 when Jill had no weapons. I use G36, M3, and M40A1 as my weapons primarily.
  11. Trying to find these in hell mode. the gamefaq weapon guide isn't making any sense. Says i can get it in 3-2 in Infernal mode but....
  12. Well I made it to Episode 3-1 Infernal. Episode 2-2 was tricky cause that scenario always gave me trouble and it wouldn't let me access my supplies from re.net I sent till after i got my equipment back.
  13. Can I still get the ammo cases I missed? Cause my rifle capacity is 90 when it should've been 150 at the end of normal mode. All the other ammo cases I have up to date besides the rifle.
  14. Afraid not. You both have to have the stage unlocked to play them.
  15. Should I go into Infernal mode or do 1 more normal playthrough for any parts and ammo cases I missed?
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