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  1. Same here. Was very disappointed not to be able to play episode 2!
  2. Had this since it was free. Just turned it on full 1000 in no time at all brilliant cheers.
  3. Thanks for the guide just finished. Was quite a fun game to be honest.
  4. Thanks for the guide just finished it gonna grab old blood now and get on with that. Cheers.
  5. Just finished playing done the full 100% got to say this is one of the most enjoyable games i have played to date. Cant wait to jump into new vages for the build up to 4.
  6. Just switched it on to try again. Got an update and achievement pops on first try. Think it may of been fixed.
  7. At what point should the achievement actually pop? I have replayed the begining a few times but still nothing.
  8. Thanks for the guide just got the full 1000. I forgot to change the weapon type in blood baths so had to redo most of that one.
  9. Great walkthrough helped me gain all the possible conclusions. Thank you.
  10. Thanks for the guide. Picked the game back up again after first completing it in 2008! Just finished the full 1000.
  11. Thanks for the guide, was an okay game. It was free so can't complain. Just have to play another hour to get the 10 hour achievement then that's it full 1000. Only thing that gave me any bother was the 1200 score on the mini game but i just changed my control settings to fast and i got it first time after that.
  12. Another fun Lego game. Easy 1000. Thanks for the guide.
  13. Great guide thank you so much for the help. Missed one of the SIP while i was going through it but luckily wasn't that hard to find out which one i missed.
  14. Just find a wide open space such as the airport and start burning rubber, drifting and doughnuts. Easy done in just a few seconds.
  15. I love it when you driving down a clear road then all of a sudden your car stops as if its hit a wall? Nothing is in the road so you rewind and go the same way its fine.
  16. Thanks for the guide. Nice easy 1000. Was a little different from the xbox one version so made it a bit more interesting.
  17. Really nice simple 1000 there. Plus added bonus get to do it twice!
  18. - Saved Uncle - Disobeyed Margaery and talked to Tyrion - Walked away from Britt - Stood up to Gryff Whitehill - Kept the Ironwood Decree Really boring episode again! Dont think i have enjoyed any so far. I hope it gets intresting soon! Need something to keep me on the edge of my seat!
  19. Finally done it!!! Changed brazil to 3-4-3 and changed sweden to 4-2-4 just kept sending a through ball and then shooting at a really acute angle so the keeper saved it but also put it in the back of the net for me! Got 2 quick goals then extra time finished with 7-4 easy!
  20. This is the last one i have to do to unlock the world cup challenges its doing my head in!
  21. Finally finished this after about 8 years!
  22. Finally! Then a two month wait while game of thrones has its go lol.
  23. Thanks for the guide and to everyone that helped me boost it. Finally done!
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