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  1. Well, I don't know when it happened, but I was just randomly browsing my Achievements and found I now have 1000 in this game. Thank you for finally fixing this bracketgames .
  2. Would this potentially suggest stacks then?
  3. I could see multiple people updating the spreadsheet working from a management perspective or someone else taking over the spreadsheet and then Anthony pasting it back to the original post. I helped make the spreadsheet but I'm quite busy right now, I'm happy to help you out Anthony if no one else volunteers though?
  4. It would appear that people started completing it again from 25th May, but from what you are saying we're basically back to where we were before the original patch? *sigh*
  5. It's been glitched since the May patch came out. I think that it was the devs publisher that people are claiming blocked them, the dev themselves has been somewhat responsive. There's a chance that this will be fixed, but it took 6 months (something like that?) to get the current patch to fix the glitchy achievements but who knows. I hope it gets fixed, stuck on 800 at the moment :\
  6. They were unobtainable for some people anyway, the update was intended to fix the Achievements for those that got glitched ones, it did the opposite >.<.
  7. Whilst I agree with the principle of this post, yes you're right, it's not always feasible to find all bugs in an application/game before release. No game is without it's glitches. Originally, the glitched Achievements we're affecting 2-3% of the people with the game (by my calculations) which means that it was working for 97%. That said, keeping a game buggy and not communicating to a good extent (though certainly this dev is better than others) about what's going on whilst promoting the next game is really annoying. Then the game goes on sale and the glitches spread to more of the population such that it is affecting more people. Now the patch releases and not a single person has completed the game since 09/05/2016 on TA. So it would seem that the TA thread suggesting that the game is now completely broken is likely correct. Very annoying, though I've calmed down for the moment as I've got my recent fix of the dev responding about the issues. The good news is that the dev has clearly done something....just not exactly what we all had in mind. The better news? Maybe now that the game is completely broken the dev and Microsoft will be forced to look at this issue further and well....actually test a new patch thoroughly and finally fix the problems once and for all. For now though, it seems mostly bad news >.<
  8. Thanks, will let you know, but as said on Twitter, I don't have it in the UK yet :S Edit: Reinstalling it now to see if that makes a difference, but I might not know for 4-5 hours as I am busy any moment now, depends if this reinstalls quick enough. Edit 2: Nope, no patch yet.
  9. I've not got a patch here in the UK, what about anyone else?
  10. As you might be able to see, most of the threads here are about glitched Achievements. The dev has posted in this forum about it, though it's hard to say whether or not a patch will be released. They say that there is one ready for certification, that there was something wrong with a previous patch and I don't know...I just hope it gets fixed. I'm making a point to warn anyone against buying it, particularly because the dev had the audacity to put the game on sale during the promotion. IF THE GAME CAN GO ON SALE, THEN WHERE THE HELL IS THE PATCH?! YOU ARE SELLING A BROKEN GAME!!!! I started off calm, but I'm actually really upset now. At the very least, I wish that the dev would be significantly better at posting updates about the process. Then again, with non-responses from big publishers like EA and Ubisoft in the past, at least this person appears to (maybe?) be doing something. So I guess there's that.
  11. Should it be displayed in that way? Similarly, you can play some 360 games on the one but I don't think you would say (X360/X1) or something?
  12. Thanks, I'll give that a go when I get a chance
  13. I'm not sure if I'm doing something wrong, but I've spent around 7 hours on this game so far. I have 1 Achievement left for using my shield to block 20 attacks. However, it doesn't seem to matter what I do but I can't get the enemies to attack me either when I have the shield or before I have activated the shield. They always seem to attack me when I don't have the shield at all. Did you do that Achievement in split screen if that's possible? So far, I'm not really getting anywhere
  14. Another update: https://twitter.com/bracket_games/status/725600942058541057 Not sure if that means the new build is sent or not or what that means though :S. Still, nice to get a reply.
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