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  1. Well, assuming the price of the game goes down before Gaige is available. It will only be about a £5 difference in price in the UK, if not less, considering it's a big game and big games generally take a while to go down in price. 800 points is about £6, so having to buy the game for the same price as it is to pre-order, plus 800 points, is a pretty good incentive for most people. And of course first week sales, getting a lot of sales on day 1 is important for developers, it allows them to budget for DLCs, being able to put an extra $10,000 does a lot for the development of a game or its DLC.
  2. How are Sainsbury's with pre-order deliveries? EDIT: Good to know they're good with pre-orders. Wasn't going to get it at £70 but for £54 I don't see why not.
  3. Bunch of new information. Some things I'm really happy about, mostly the pro clubs stuff. http://www.ea.com/uk/football/news/fifa-13-features-and-details
  4. You do realise he posted that a week before the trailer was out? But I'm looking forward to what the big names make of the MP, probably only going to watch 10-15 minutes of it myself. Hopefully they'll at least tease zombies at some point during it.
  5. http://media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m69r5qaRE81qcoe99.jpg But seriously. Console games will always be "hacked" to some degree, at least this generation of consoles, it's best that you learn to either, a) Deal with it, or b) Leave games with hacked pros The sliders are fine because why wouldn't people who have trouble with video games be allowed to give the opponent a handicap to help them? You could just avoid them completely because they only affect offline modes. FIFA isn't really a realistic football game, it will always be an arcade game, just with 'realistic' elements introduced, e.g. first touch, impact engine(that worked well), etc etc Also, lay off the caps, don't BOLD and COLOUR your words, it looks awful to read.
  6. I recently bought a Wii off my sister because she never plays it. But I don't have access to a TV most of the time so I looked up some VGA cables for the Wii and they were all about the same price I bought the Wii for. So I went looking for some TV to VGA converters, found some, but wondered if they actually worked.
  7. Apart from the obvious stuff like, more pawn control, more weapons, more armor choices, etc. Multiplayer could be easily implemented into the game, considering it's pretty much there already with the Pawns, you could easily replace them with player characters. A bigger variety of quests would be nice, I never once saw a "Defend this spot from waves" quest, and that could be really cool, think attacking the Shadow Fort but on the defensive with increasing waves of enemies coming towards you, this could even be its own mode and be multiplayer only. The lack of water enemies was a bit of a let down, I thought they'd at least have a Kraken to some degree, so some actual water based enemies would be nice to see. And of course they do have a pretty big selection of mythical creatures to drag new enemies from, the lack of a cave only enemy encounter for instance is a bit strange, and having some sort of rock based creature that camouflages with the environment, sort of Saurian like, would be neat to see. If they take more types of weapons from Monster Hunter it could be fun, having a Lance/Spear would be fantastic and can be combined with the other 3 base classes pretty well, or it could just be added to the melee based class as a choice. They've actually made a super solid base to work from if they decide to make a sequel, bigger and better is really all they need to do. Although personally, if they do make a sequel, I'd rather they wait a few years and develop it for a next gen console.
  8. Oh thank you for that. Guess I'll give him another couple of shots later today.
  9. Quick question about the Ur-Dragon, I was fighting it, dealt a decent amount of damage to it, then it just upped and flew away, I didn't get anything for this and was wondering if it was normal and if I have to wait until it actually dies to receive my stuff.
  10. Just got out of a pro clubs match against a 6'10" striker who ran faster than my pro even when he had the ball. Bear in mind my pro was 5'2" with about 90 in all running stats. He also kept sprint held the entire game and only just hit half stamina left by full-time. Is there a mod or glitch around or something?
  11. Some quests pay out rift crystals. You probably get some for killing monsters. And you could probably find some in the world if you go looking for them.
  12. You can have 4 of any class in the first Borderlands if you wish. So it hasn't changed at all.
  13. It will continue to respawn. If you've ever played the Monster Hunter games you'll know that each quest can be attempted infinite times, and I'm sure that's where this quest originates from.
  14. I dunno, I think that it's more similar to the cover art of Black Ops He just has a gun raised instead of both lowered http://militarygamer.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/11/call-of-duty-blackops-cover.jpg
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