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  1. Have literally waited years for this film, since it was originally rumoured there was to be a Deadpool film after Xmen Origins Wolverine. Lets hope this is really happening.
  2. Great guide helped me get all the collectibles in the game.
  3. Many Congrats to Stallion. Been following his journey for a number of years. Makes my 400k+ gamerscore seem really low. I fell asleep during the stream so missed the moment. Hopefully he continues on with gamerscore.
  4. I go into the multiplayer menu, press Y to have a private race. Have the race to the settings listed here & over at TA. But for some reason I can't get any progress towards the miles. I've tried loads of different things, just incase I missed something. Would appreciate any help with this but am leaving it for tonight. Just wasted two hours trying already.
  5. I had to use a Class D car to start beating the Drivatar but I still can't seem to get any credit towards miles in the lead in multiplayer... What am I doing wrong?
  6. I'm using this method but for some reason I just can't beat the drivatar. Which cars and Class is everyone using?
  7. I've not had anything for todays 'event', where as I had event ribbons for the last three days. Well it was good while it lasted.
  8. Anybody want to do the online in DOA5 Ultimate. The community for that game is already dead. Been sat in my own lobby for an hour now & not had a single person join.
  9. Yet to score any points for my team. That will all change once I've finally finished at work today. Will crack out some Nickelodeon Dance 2, Hunting Aussie & America, Pacman Sony & Toshiba, Dark & Heavy Fire. Could be a long night for me.
  10. I understand if we can't take part as a three man team, rules are the rules. Feeling pretty gutted as I had been building up momentum & games for the competition.
  11. I won't be starting to earn proper amount of achievements for a few days due to having to work stocktake tomorrow. Hoping that won't leave my team already flagging from the start but atleast its 9 weeks this time round.
  12. Couple of games I can think of that I need boosting are: Any WWE games FUSE Raven Squad Resident Evil 6 History Channel Battle for the Pacific I know they're not easy games, just one's that can get some points in, in-between easy games.
  13. Not looking good for my team. Potentially have console/account ban hanging over the heads of myself, BARAD & Nozza and our fourth member Purge hasn't been online in weeks. So concerned he may not even sign-in tomorrow for the pre-GSL check in.
  14. It would give me a reason to finally stop playing for achievements. Might actually only play for fun. Unfortunately I've put too much time into this account (7 1/2 years) to step away unless I'm forced to.
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