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  1. Does anyone know whose face is on the money you find in Blood Dragon? I imagine it would have to be some 80's reference, but I cant recognize the woman's face. She resembles Anita Bryant a bit, but she is hardly a staple of the 80's. Use the sniper rifle to zoom in on some of the money laying around and see if you can recognize her.
  2. Someone must know how to do this achievement. Is it just shaking the table as Captain's ball is about to drain down the side lane? I did that and it didnt work.
  3. LETS DO THE THREE ONLINE ACHIEVEMENTS TODAY! Friend me at AttorneyAtLaw and lets get it done!
  4. But every other building's entrance is obvious. I looked on the towers for a zip line entrance but there was no place to stick it. Which tower in which area of the island? How do you get in this stupid building?!
  5. After defeating the Joker at the end, I cant find a way back inside INTENSIVE TREATMENT since the front door is blocked by the old mutated plants. Please help me back in!
  6. Does anyone have a complete Challenge List for this game to suck all the possible XP out of it??
  7. I dont think it will be patched since microsoft just released wireless mics that are compatible with rock band and guitar hero. They have the exact same plastic body as the Lips mics, but they are different enough so you pay the criminals at microsoft $50 each to be wireless. And since none of microsofts other wireless accessories work worth a damn (except for the regular controllers) you might want to save your money!
  8. AFter I got the hookshot, now I am looking at this giant walker and its telling me to rip out the wires under the head. How do I do that and bring this bastard down?!
  9. I think IM about three quarters through and I am at the part where you are on top of the elevator moving it up and down between floors, then you get in a vent, jump down and enter the elevator. Go to the top floor kill the dudes, and there is a button to press whichshows a giant red bell shaped object, but I cant move on beyond this point because it looks to require missles I dont have. Help!
  10. Send me a friend request and lets challenge each other till we both get the achievement!
  11. I have played 100 online matches and still havent unlocked this...does anyone know what I am doing wrong?
  12. I am AttorneyAtLaw and want to get the achievements of challenging with Yellow Island in the Sun Soak up the Sun I wanna Be Sedated And any other song... friend me
  13. Do you need to get every treasure in the game, or just one of each type of treasure to unlock the achievement?
  14. I still have this game. Send a friend request to AttorneyAtLaw and we will get as many online achievements as possible if you havent already. The game is too hard overall.
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