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  1. I just reloaded it hoping I can finally complete it.
  2. Hey lady, what you up to?

  3. If you use NekNek, just enter in any and all puzzles with the "produce a result of" selection and it can go very fast. I can enter a 9x9 in about a minute, solved in 3 or 4. Once you create the first cell, slow double click a cell next to it to create the new one. The "produce" selection will remain, negating your constant effort in re-entering it. Just pattern the board out, and you can enter a board in really fast. 99% of the time, it's accurate. I gave up trying to do these legit, just gonna solver them all.
  4. I'll do 9x9 Expert now. Hopefully by then, 6x6 and 7x7 will be done? Fifty-five 9x9 puzzles will take me a few days, mkay? We should have a sign-up for who's doing what, that way no one is doubling efforts.
  5. 9x9 Unsigned: 2. 956234178 781965324 317856249 239781456 194378562 548123697 865492713 472619835 623547981 3. 251836947 517249683 738964512 126783495 943628751 695172834 362495178 874351269 489517326 4. 857914263 274863591 468792315 136258947 319526784 521647839 795381426 683479152 942135678 5. 941268537 418923675 763591248 657849123 395486712 179352486 832175964 526734891 284617359 6. 271854639 562381497 493127856 658439172 935718264 726945318 819672543 147263985 384596721 7. 481597263 164875932 548326719 257483196 675139428 396214587 832951674 913762845 729648351 8. 625913478 793281546 452879361 968124735 179436852 814597623 386745219 237658194 541362987 9. 674159832 168495273 432817965 847631529 381524697 926348751 259783146 593276418 715962384 10. 985426137 237659418 769548321 351984762 198372654 572163849 814735296 643217985 426891573
  6. Actually, yes. I experienced this last night. I loaded it up for the kids, and watched the 'clip of the day' which featured Grover. At the end of it, 2 achievements unlocked, Fuzzy and Blue, and Feel the Burn, which were watch a clip with Grover, and watch a clip about exercise. So yes, you can. Dammit. Now I have to buy it and complete it! lol
  7. I got it, charged $2.99 to my card. Been waiting for DotW on this.
  8. Just got it from GF, didn't know I put it my que... after watching this, I guess I'll give it a go instead of return it. Ugh...
  9. Just 2 more days folks! I cannot wait! Horrible topic, I know, but we need to get excited about it!
  10. You have to jump at the very last second and flip very quickly to get on that rail. It took me many tries but once you time the jump and the flip just right, it works. Very finicky for sure.
  11. I cannot get this damn achievement to unlock! I have tried and tried, and even nailed some huge combos with multiple tricks - wtf am I doing wrong or need to do right?
  12. Holy SH*T. I guess that's one achievement I'll never earn...
  13. Really? Have you ever eaten dragonfruit? Doesn't make me cry Thanks.
  14. Never mind. I got a few minutes after posting this. I put the blade and background to default settings and it popped after a few tries.
  15. I. for the life of me, cannot get that damn achievement - any tips or pointers? I can never seem to get 3 to show up. I did see it on my buddy's phone, but have yet to see it on mine - 6 months of trying.
  16. How the hell do I get the farther right one with this? I just can't reach it?!?!?!?
  17. Oh good idea Paul. I'll get some pics or something tonight on the few I have figured out.
  18. Congrats! I may never get this achievement! lol
  19. Just got it: When you launch a rocket, use the slider on the left to speed it up to max speed while holding down on it so your perspective zooms too.
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