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  1. I finished and collected every single thing in the game in about 50 hours
  2. personally I finished served on normal with the regular weapons but when i played it on zealot i used the hand cannon. btw even though i played zealot with the hand cannon i think it's not hard to finish it with the regular weapons
  3. Aks90

    Wicked K

    just finished the game and never fought Wicked K , where can i find him??
  4. I was playing all the day and never got tired of it , I'm wondering if i will be able to do side quests after beating the game or i do them before beating it!!! and I wish the game never ends and they keep releasing DLC's with more quests to do
  5. I like it but there are allot of bugs in it plus the graphics are so bad specially the environment textures in the first episodes. and why didn't they made a jumping button ??? jumping is the best thing about hack n slash games like Devil may cry ,Darksiders , Ninja gaiden . . . etc and QTE's are very annoying , sometimes the buttons disappear quickly or when u miss a button u replay from the last enemy health bar , and the buttons don't get changed when u replay *Thank god otherwise it will be pain in the ass*.
  6. Hello guys am I doing something wrong? I picked up the same enemy with B then i released him 5 times, I picked up the same enemy then threw him 5 times , picked him up , attacked him then released him 5 times and still not getting the achievement. and i did it with most of the enemies but nothing popped up Help!!!:confused:
  7. HC is better , I really didn't feel SH atmosphere in downpour
  8. How many characters in this game and does it worth buyin?
  9. I need all the 3 ranked achievements , btw how can we boost ranked?
  10. is there a way to check in which level i missed the passports?
  11. I just got this game today and i was shocked with the controls , there is a delay responding to my attacks in close combat. that ruin everything for me
  12. Hello As the title says what was the most scary nicromorph that makes you afraid to die and lose everything "Pain in the ass" mine was the leaper killed me twice in the beginning of chapter 9 and had to restart the whole game again.
  13. I did it again and this time got 222 node but a funny thing happened to me , the node disappeared after i got 121 I went back to the store room and grab the node in the small wall locker with my kinesis and moved it to the same place and when i entered the duplicating room and opened the door to do the same trick i found the old node came back and the one that i brought with me is duplicating too. and btw you can duplicate the Gold chip that the mini boss drop , grab it with your kinesis and take it all the way to the room were you place the duplicated nodes and credits then go back and you will find it in the same place , grab it again and so on.
  14. I think it's cool but if u think about it you will find it a little crazy
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