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  1. I had a similar issue -- I lost my Wifi connection right before I unlocked the Galactic Army achievement. As such, the game believed I had unlocked the achievement, but my Xbox Live profile did not register it. I was worried that since my game already "believed" that I had the achievement, there would be no way to unlock it again without restarting (and losing all of my progress). I checked back later and my Xbox Live profile had been appropriately updated. I'm not sure that I logged with another device, or if the game somehow queued up an instruction to update my Live profile once it found a connection.
  2. Great solution! Took me maybe 30 minutes to get this to work.
  3. Update: I just checked this out and Majica8 is quite correct. In case anyone both wants to know and has forgotten (like me), the DLC is accessed in-game in Modern Warfare 3's multiplayer menu. Specifically, go to the "STORE" option (which may take awhile to load -- the option was gray to me for ~30 seconds).
  4. Majica8: thanks for the response! I'll check that out.
  5. I want to say that I downloaded the following DLC via Call of Duty Elite as a Premium subscriber: DLC: Content Collection #1 (Black Ice & Negotiator) DLC: Content Collection #2 (Iron Clad & Kill Switch) I think I downloaded this directly via the Call of Duty Elite Xbox application; but I can't find the link in the application anymore. Am I not remembering this correctly? Or maybe since Elite has been made free, does anyone know if these links have since been removed? Specifically, I'm looking for Arctic Recon, Vertigo, Special Delivery & Light 'Em Up.
  6. I'll have to try your strategy out; moving the explosive block over one space at a time is far too time consuming. I managed to free the bear once but was unable to finish the level before time ran out.
  7. At least from the perspective of this achievement, the friendscore seems to only count the weekly totals, as Toathy mentioned above. Consider that: 1. My all-time friendscores are all far in excess of 1 million total 2. My weekly total is only 115,000 3. I still have not unlocked this achievement
  8. I'm looking to boost the remainder of the 200 losses (Prisoner of War) and the 500 wins (Victories Keep Piling Up) achievements. My GT is KorgakGrimtooth and I'm in the Pacific Time Zone. I have all of the other multiplayer achievements but I could be persuaded to help out with those in exchange for the win/loss trading.
  9. I'm looking to boost/trade all of the MP achievements. In particular, I'm most keen on getting through the MP ranked wins.
  10. I would like to boost the Fire Controller achievement and possibly boost my way to level 15. My GT is "KorgakGrimtooth" and I am in the Pacific Time Zone. Send me a message!
  11. RedemtionOWNAGE, I share in your situation. I put off finishing this game after getting it through XBLA's Deal of the Week because I'm so terrible at it (for a tutorial-ish game, this game does little to teach you how to actually play). Unfortunately, I believe the 2k10 servers have been shut down permanently. I tried Googling to confirm this and got mostly similar threads on 2k's official forums. I was not able to find a 2k representative who has written an actual confirmation, which in and of itself is kind of unsettling.
  12. I am also looking to boost Fire Controller. If you need Fire Controller + easy XP to get to level 15 in a class, we can swap kill streaks to boost that too. Add me on Xbox Live, my GT is KorgakGrimtooth. I'm in the PST zone.
  13. Thanks for putting this together! My score is now finally a multiple of 5 again now that I've gotten the 4P lobby achievement.
  14. I just need a little (more like a lot) of help to finish up Victories Keep Piling Up (500 wins) and Prisoner of War (200 losses). I've got at least 80 losses already. I'm in the PST zone and can be available with notice.
  15. Anyone else notice this? I've been having trouble connecting in the past 48 hours. I hope that the servers weren't shut down without any notice; I only need 14ish more rounds for Tour of Duty II.
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