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  1. I only have dojo 32 left and this is workin of I skip trial 32, load up and then quit out of number 1. On a side note, does this and trials in general make the stat , trial (s) completed in general titles go up? I must easily be on about 300 trials (got my 200 achievement hours ago) but my stats are only showin about 55 ish, and it never goes up Edit: on more messing about ive realised it seems to be only proper fighting trials that progress this for me. Practise mode, dojo and shop ones dont seem to add one
  2. Yeah ive been trying everything really in vs and online, just found it strange that after playing so long ( 820 /1000 100 titles + with each character) that id have literally so few of of these! Ill try out the opponent crouching! Thanks
  3. I seem to be missin a trick with these overheads, all my overhead titles for the 5 characters that have them I have like only 3 performed (level 1). I assumed this is just a overhead move (jagos ← fp), but this doesnt add to the stat at all. What makes it even more confusing ive done plenty of trials where u needed to start a combo with an overhead... Thanks in advance
  4. I had the exact same issue, my issue sorted itself when I bcompleted the last trial left. This seemed to completly reset my trials, and they went back to very early easy ones
  5. you created: http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/showthread.php?p=4321033


    I was wondering, when you said: "6) You are not save to accept the update and play the game online."

    what does that mean?

    i just want to know i just tried this method i wanted to know if i had to continue to play the game offline without stopping to get the achievement, or if i could quit the game and continue later for it, or if i could actually log back onto xbox live and play and still possibly get the achievement.

  6. need the two online achievements!! Edit: Got them!
  7. Seem thing happened to me, i died once and then it put me back at the start. I finished it next go, and I have no save data or anything, so ive prob lost all my decisions! For the record i am not playin it on the xbox that owns it, but i cant understand how that would make a difference
  8. Looking for someone with a turbo pad to idle the the wins/games! send me a msg! GT: SUPERMOLLOYLAND
  9. I was having the same trouble also when I first started going for this, I would try and put van bommel (82) and leidson (83) onto my subs bench in place of 81 rated players and it would drop my rating from 84 to 83. I am still only on 84 now, but i have alot more 84s and 85s now so it doesnt seem to happen anymore. I am saving up to buy lham as I need a rb, and I am hoping his 87 will do the trick!
  10. Ok on my 2nd go I some how got the 3rd highest score on the leaderboard lol!!! What I did differently this time. -Found the hidden fruit, its at the 2nd fight in the level after you come off the big hand. its down the cliff. - Only use ariel combos, they get crazy points!!! I was getting anythin from 8k to 25 k per combo!
  11. I am just starting to gofor my G ranks (doing hard so it unlocks easy also). And ive imediately hit a problem on level 1. I did the level: -Without falling. -Without recovering. - Stole the one weapon that I could. - To my knowledge I smashed everythin. However Ive read you need to collect the fruits of wisdom also for the secret bonus, but I cant seem to find any on level 1. For the record I ended up with an S rank, a score between 900k-1 million, my individual scores where approx. -300K score -420K Time bonus -240k Secret bonus Just looking at my bonuses, I am guessing that I could prob do the level faster for some more points, but the 240k secret score suggests to me that I am def missing some criteria. Can anyone help??
  12. Nope, I just unlocked all 3 with special armor equiped! Just check your level select that you have a rank on all levels, you mite have missed a level some how...
  13. Chapter 8: Your prob gonna need to perfect 3 fights, the 1st, ghosts and last one are easy. Make sure your grabing the treasures during the 1st/2nd set of acid jumps after the very first fight at the top of the screen. I think theres another 1k treasure at the top of the screen when you enter the 2nd section. I would skip the 4th fight and still have enough base score. Chapter 12: I found this tough too. Make sure you grab all the small treasures at the flying bit, there could be 8-10. I would restart if I didnt perfect the first fight with the ghosts. There should be enough treasure in the rest of the level, provided you finish the fights on time. Chapter 13: Never had a problem with this. Make sure you go back at the start over the acid as a bird, a few ks worth of treasure. Theres a large treasure hidden behind the piller where the skull is above the iron knight thing after the fight with the ghosts on the insect things. Theres alot of hidden treasure during the buzz saw chase as a bird. I finished the chase then flew back to get it when it was safe.
  14. I found it, its in the last corridor with the other treasure, u just have to jump about and slash and you hit it, u cant see it! Got s rank 1st go once i knew where it was! I just have 12 and 15 left now! Hopefully I'll have 200/200 later!
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