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  1. If they are, still looking to do the multiplayer achievements, hit me up if any one is interested.
  2. I need help with the following to finish this game Setups I use in A Class Hopper AMC Javelin Holden HSV GTS 05 Honda NSX-R Lexus LFA 94 Nissan Fairlady Z Version S Twin Turbo Also got some basic paints AMC Javelin Chevy Nova SS 396 70 Chevy Camaro Z28 Holden HSV GTS 83 Audi Sport quattro Just look up my gamertag, Boozing Redneck, would appropriate the help
  3. At the moment I'm using tube tv's still. I have a old way of thinking, if it ain't broke then don't fix it. Well my tube tv's are starting to go out. I have a 32 inch in my bedroom that has black spots on the tube. My girl doesn't notice it but I do. I want to replace it with another 32 or 36 inch flat screen. I also want to get a 19 inch with dvd player for my sons room. I'm wondering which ones are the best on the market that isn't plasma. When my grandpa did research about 5-6 years ago he told me it was Samsung, Sony, and Vizo where the top 3. So I'm asking which ones are the best ones right now on the market.
  4. I need this too. Look up Madd Dawg Redneck for my CAW and peacekeeper for a special move.
  5. I need 5 downloads for a CaW named Mark "Madd Dawg" Johnson.
  6. Trying to get prototype races out of my way but having a problem. I have 1 more race in League 5 and a few in League 4 but I have cars that have prototypes for those races and its not letting me. Do I need to have a car thats max is league 4 and 5 or I can use any car?
  7. WRM5567

    Rival Wins?

    Rival wins are basiclly winning against your rival in a race. In either offline or online when you start a race, you get a random rival. All you have to do to win against your rival is just finish ahead of your rival and you'll get it. If you want to make it quick and simple, get a friend and do a private race with just you 2. Have your friend lose to you on purpose 20 times and it'll pop for you.
  8. I'm happy now that I got this one out of the way. Now I have to decide which racing game I need to work on next.
  9. I plan on getting it. They make it sound like the old Thunder games which where pretty good. Just hope they try and make it a sim and not a arcade or a cross in between like some of the last couple of nascar games.
  10. Does anyone want to run through the game with me this weekend. I'll be avalible later at night on sat and sun. I lost all my save data on this game and have to start from scratch and would like someone to help me through this game. Just send me a message if anyone can.
  11. Just got the game and would like to knock some of the online achievements out. GT: Boozing Redneck
  12. I need all the co-op stuff. I had the first 2 islands and 2 gang leaders killed till my harddrive lost its data and now I'm back to square one again.
  13. Want to knock out the tower without the DLC's, contact if interested.
  14. I need all the online achievements if anyone can help me on it
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