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  1. The demo is immense, can't wait for the full game now.
  2. Throttle control is the key to not spinning out of control. You should upgrade all your aero and handling parts before adding more power with engine upgrades.
  3. That's a good start there mate, everything has to start somewhere and they don't always start out all that great. I'm sure it will progress as time goes, the best way to write reviews is by non biased, informative, truthful opinions. Once you get those things in order I'm sure more people will be visiting your website in due time, just stick with it and you should reap the rewards later.
  4. Shouldn't take too long to get the 1mill online if your serious about it.
  5. The tanks most vulnerable part is the rear, also use the smoke to. Also I find it easiest to shoot when I change camera view from the outside to the inside, it makes it more accurate.
  6. Also another thing with the Support class, if your clever enough you can run to the back of an enemy tank and blow it up by using that drill thingy that you use to repair vehicles. Also another tip for general knowledge, the most weakest part of a Tank is the rear, so if your a demolitions guy try to get to the rear of the tank instead of firing at the front, you will notice it takes two RPG shots to blow up a tank from the rear and multiple at the front/sides.
  7. Excellent news, now hopefully I can get the rest of the achievements also and get 1000.
  8. Hey guys I need help with the following achievements; Race Day Coordinator Co-op Victory Race Day Leader Race Day Organizer Blueprint Master Best Blueprint EA Moderator 8 Player Race Friction Fever If you can help me with any of these please contact me via Xbox Live, I'm also willing to help you boost etc. GT: TMM Frizzed
  9. Sorry for the double post, but my team is in a spot of bother. If anyone has a player in those positions and is looking for some game time, check that link out, as far as I know we are taking any level players!
  10. I now have a punter and kicker, both of which are on human teams.
  11. I played my in my first match, had 3 punts for 41 yards at an average of 13.7, not bad considering I punted slightly worse then a lvl 3 punter on my team. Although I'm thinking of retiring my player and making a new punter. Edit: Ok well I retired my original punter because I learned a better way to make a new one in terms of distributing skill points. My punter is, Here! If anyone can help me out with getting a contract with a team let me know please.
  12. Aren't the Developmental Leagues controlled by CPU ?
  13. Should I join a CPU controlled team to get my stats up first, or just try my luck with a human controlled team ?
  14. I've just made a Punter if anyone is interested in having me on their team.
  15. Chin up son, Microsoft could still release some content. Wonder what Bizarre will be working on now ?
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