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  1. go out the garage and do a u turn left go over the little bridge and there is a cop shop just on the right
  2. Streaming again doing Muilt-Class Endurance Racing LMP1 vs GT3 30 Laps of Le Mans at night!
  3. if you manage to get a kill can you upload the 30s clip just so i can see what I'm doing wrong
  4. Same for some reason i have no idea who to kill someone with them it just never seems to work.
  5. Have you played the game yet? Some of these achievements are gonna be take the piss long to do
  6. They have removed it because they want us to use the micro trans rather than making it ourselves
  7. I have most fully done up and done alot of races and i would say they are: Muscle - Gauntlet/Dominator Super - Entity XF Sports - Carbonizzare Classic Sports - Z-Type Motorcycles - Akuma SUV - Dont know lol These are also by far the best cars stock.
  8. Agree Bar4d. Also people need to relise that getting this mission can sometimes take hours to pop up. So don't be surprised if people aren't just making lobby's for you......
  9. Restart your console if you can't see it. Doing that should refresh your dash. The beta will be a tab in the bottom left when you go to games
  10. Hmmm seems like even after doing all this and having 135m per character it looks like i still wont be able to get the golf course. Even if i had 150m with one character would i really want to spend all there money on one property....?
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