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  1. Are you positive that you didn't insult him in any way? I've heard of people getting communication bans just from saying something like "stop being a jerk".
  2. I wrote achievement guides for the Puzzle Quest games on Xbox 360, but this game is pretty self-explanatory, but I'll offer a few tips to help you out. -Every achievement, aside from the x9 combo and breaking 8 tiles achievements can be obtained just by playing every level and even those 'should' come naturally just from playing. There are certain character abilities that help with these and I got both of them fairly early with me Wolverine/Iron Man/The Punisher combo. -I've found a more balanced and useful combination to be Storm/Black Widow/Juggernaut for the first half of the game. -Once you unlock them, run a Spiderman/Patch/Mags. This is THE premiere combo. I was obliterating enemies 30+ levels higher than me with ease using this combination. -Pick 3 characters and power level them on the first boss of mission area 1. He's level 8 and once you get to level 15+, it becomes a 1-2 minute battle, since it's only one enemy and he yields a level per character ever 2-3 battles all the way up to around level 60. I chose The Punisher with Wolverine and Iron Man because of his Molotov Cocktail ability. It's a great AoE ability until around Level 40. Beyond that, he's pretty much useless. In hindsight, I would swap him out for Black Widow early on. -The level cap is 300. Expect about 50 to 60 levels per chapter. -Around level 25, you'll start fighting enemies that drain your mana. This is where mana stealing abilities like that of Black Widow are amazing. Spiderman is nifty here too because if you're lucky, you can keep these particular enemies stun locked and they won't drain your mana quite as quickly. This game is casual on every level compared to the other Puzzle Quest games and it's VERY time consuming. Easily double the hours of any of the others if you're going for 1000/1000.
  3. I played it at midnight with some friends and we had a blast. I get what you mean, though, if you play alone. This game gets tedious solo.
  4. How is this a hidden gem? They got one of the best reactions at E3 lol.
  5. I'm honestly looking forward to playing this. I have lots of pre-cum on my friend's list who I know are getting it, so finding a squad to play this shouldn't be hard for me at all .
  6. My first build was pretty lack-luster, so I restarted and my current build is: STR-3 PER-9 END-4 CHA-6 INT-1 AGI-6 LCK-9 Perks: STR: Armorer 4/4 PER: Rifleman 5/5, Locksmith 3/4, Sniper 3/3 END: Nothing yet. CHA: Cap Collector 2/3, Local Leader 2/2 INT: Nothing yet. AGI: Action Boy 2/2 LCK: Idiot Savant 3/3, Better Criticals 3/3, Critical Banker 3/3, Grim Reaper's Sprint 3/3, Four Leaf Clover 4/4. I went with an Idiot Savant build just so leveling a second character wouldn't be so tedious. Admittedly, I did boost in Sanctuary making fence posts once I got Idiot Savant unlocked, but only to level 14. I've also "save scummed" a few of the bigger XP reward missions, but I no longer do that. I also got Piper as soon as possible and maxed her affinity out for the boosts to discovering new locations and successful speech dialogues. I had no idea how absolutely broken MacCready's perk was when I went for a high accuracy/damage sniper rifle build, so some of those perks have been negated and points wasted. Overall, though, I'm content with this build. I had planned on getting Preston Garvey's perk to accompany my already insane high DPS sniper build, but I got some retarded glitch after doing The Castle mission where he no longer allows me to engage him in a dialogue ><. Level 49 with around 2 1/2 days played. I'm not sure how much of that is AFK time, though lol.
  7. I'm using my Turtle Beach Stealth 500x headset all the time. It's hands down the best headset I've ever owned and I can't imagine playing without it. Half the weight and twice the comfort of my old A50s.
  8. If you think it's bad on GTA5 or Ryse, try Sniper Elite 3 or Zombie Army Trilogy lol.
  9. I gave up my 187k back in 2012 and haven't regretted it at all. It was actually quite liberating. I started over for Xbox One, obviously. There's a lot of added pressure on yourself when you have high Gamerscore and have made a habit of being a completionist for so long, so it was like rehab for me lmao.
  10. I beg to differ. You get one of the best solo race/class combos in the game for $200 :X. I'm not doing it, but it IS tempting. Also, welcome to X1 bro! Idk if you remember me, but we used to slam some MW3. I honestly don't remember my tag... Pride something maybe?
  11. I wonder if that disc is working? ><! If so, they better un-delay it lmao.
  12. Those last 3 were already on Rock Band or at least DLC for it.
  13. I would only request the entire Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd catalogs lol.
  14. I hate being "that guy" and I understand budget restraints, but you should really consider one of the Turtle Beach Stealth headsets. I can't tell you how liberating it is playing without that ridiculous chat puck. And I get a consistent 10-15 hours of play time per charge and generally only have to charge it every 3-4 days and you can even charge it while you're playing, provided you buy your own cable.
  15. Your packet loss is past the line of unacceptable and could explain some of your issue. People think very little about it, but ideally you should be at 0% at all times. This can affect everything you're describing. If your X1 doesn't have constant connection to the internet 100% of the time, what's going to happen? Internet-based applications are going to run sluggishly. 3% is by no means horrible, but it's not normal in 2015. I would contact your ISP and demand they rectify it. It may 'not' be the entire problem, but I know when my internet is acting up (which is rare), I know it instantly. Bitch enough and you'd be surprised at the results. I went from 10 meg down and .5 upload to 12meg down and .768k up on a DSLAM that's only supposed to be allotted for the old stats. And my pings went from 60-80 down to 13-17ms consistently. It's definitely worth calling in and griping about.
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