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  1. "It is not the final destination but the journey itself that shapes the experience." The point that we are arguing about this is what makes this such a great game and beautiful piece of art. Just like in life we make decisions, but you'll never know whether the consequences of those decisions were predetermined or if freewill truly exists. Is the date you die set in stone or can it be changed? And this game acts as a metaphor towards this idea. The game is meant to be played once. Even the achievements are geared toward this. There are none that require or promote a second playthrough. Then at the end, you must ask yourself would it have been different had I done it differently? Going through and finding out well these characters would have died regardless of this or that is essentially not appreciating the game as art. Your experience as Lee ends the same regardless of decision, but many note that there were lots of cathartic moments in the game even though the outcome is the same. If you open the box to schrodinger's cat, then you are no longer playing the game but losing the spirit of the game altogether. Its no different than working a maze backwards or completing a crossword with the answers in front of you. What's the point? Enjoy what is in front of you, appreciate the moments of emotion it strikes and move on to the next experience rather than looking back.
  2. Anyone interested in playing online send me a message or friend request. GT: johnteshfan
  3. Looking to run through coop campaign on heroic. Anyone interested send me a message. GT: Johnteshfan
  4. Looking to get the online achievement if any one wants to play, send me a friend request or message GT: Johnteshfan
  5. On now looking for people to get bros to the close and no one left behind, message me if you're interested GT: Johnteshfan
  6. johnteshfan


    This game is probably one of the most underrated arcade games out there. I feel like it never got a fair chance with marketing.
  7. I still enjoy playing multiplayer hexic 2, send me a friend request on xbl if you want to play some. Gamertag: Johnteshfan.
  8. The new map achievements are horrible.
  9. I'm not too optimistic for MP in this game. It kinda defeats the horror genre.
  10. Looks like it could be good, although probably would only buy it if its an arcade game.
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