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  1. Sometimes it helps in that session, to run/drive to another checkpoint, turn around and go back to the place you want to visit/explore. This is also valid for large hordes of zombies; if you clear a certain area, drive to the next checkpoint, turn around and the zombies are back. Most checkpoints are between the large areas usually marked by the roadblocks/trucks parked on the bridges/access-roads.
  2. Hook me up; I need to do Revives and "First to Escape". Being level 80+ already, I can help others get missions done and protect as well. Usually online evenings European time.
  3. Depends what the race/round is; I think I have done most races in FH3, including Blizzard, with the car/class given to me. But you can also choose other cars using the blueprints from other people or even make your own. With some effort, you can race the entire DLC with just 1 car that you like/want and the AI will need to race the same car.
  4. Did you go to http://www.xboxachievements.com/myachievements.php And hit the RED X next to the list? ^this was posted by staff in other topics.
  5. Correct; I finished the first game with 27K kills and my new game started with 27K kills already on the clock In all honesty, I recommend playing the Story first time through and not worry about misc achievements. Once you finish the Store, you have a better understanding of some mechanics/missions making you prepared (and stronger) on the second playthrough. Using guides, videos and other hints, I am currently using my 2nd play to really boost my achievements and actually enjoying the game more than the 1st time.
  6. Ther are several achievements for collecting as much stuff as possible: Collect all Blueprints in Story Mode Discover every Location of Interest Create 58 unique Combo Weapons Get a Journalism Score of 100% I may have missed some cheevos that relate to finding all things (weapons, people, whatnot) but using the videos in this thread, you are sure to get up to 90% of the career-completion and then going in again for mopping up remaining "need to do's".
  7. No worries, I thought that most people would've unlocked all areas already. But yes, I forgot people may not have had time (or cash) to play the game daily since release so that would explain you not seeing the speedtrap yet. Work on gathering Fans; it unlocks more/higher Festivals thus unlocking all/most things to do on the map.
  8. Hope you get them soon! Had a good run today with you; thanks for that.
  9. In all fairness, it is listed in http://www.xboxachievements.com/game/forza-horizon-3/guide/ under "PR Superstar" but you can also do the speed trap to the right; take a car that can do about 140mph on dirt and you're set.
  10. By playing online and finishing 5th or above (not impossible with some decent driving skills), you could've racked up more cash already and not be level 150 but lower. By doing career on a harder difficulty, you get up to 100% more credits for each Exhibition or Championship. By investing some time in running longer/repetitive races and using your Perks wisely, you can get 100% credits on top of the difficulty-setting. I managed to rack up about $1 million/hour on several races. Unless you're buying each and every car from the Showroom, I have a hard time believing you're strapped for cash; the consensus on a lot of sites is that Horizon always dishes out more rewards than you need. And yes, the Wheelspins sound stupid; even at level 500+ I sometimes get 2K from a spin. Big deal; by the time I level up (roughly 90K in experience), I made a boatload already from racing with friends, with randoms or just doing Forzathon. /edit: oh, and making 500K per week from Forza Rewards does help; mileage differs per player but so far that gave me 6.5 million credits "for free". /edit: you can also join a (random) Club. Earn enough XP each week, from Monday to Monday, and you can get another million credits in increments.
  11. Sent ya DM on XBL In general: both Infinite Dungeon 1 and 4 give more than enough Awakening Items now. Just got the achievement by running the dungeons a few times. Please be aware: even if you have a Awakenable Item and all required Stones, you also need 250K Happy Stars to finally awaken the item.
  12. New Infinite Dungeon is live! Just did 2 runs and got 7 stones, 6 awakenable items and roughly 700K Happy Stars. Not a bad dungeon to try although you really need to be level 30+ and have some decent weaponry to take on the undead. All I need now are those Ingot-gems to awaken not 1 but 3 items
  13. Thanks for the replies; I will go about and backtrack each Case whenever I reach a checkpoint or completed half a mission. Hopefully this will help a lot towards completion; it's much larger than DR3 so all maps are needed for me /edit; think I have the Mall completed now thanks to your all tips!!!
  14. I might miss something completely in the game but where are all the survivors? So far, after finishing the game for the first time and now working on Case Select, I have yet to upgrade a single shelter fully. Let alone upgrade them all. For some reason, I do not encounter survivors as much/often as it was in DR3. And without these, I cannot upgrade the shelter thus cannot buy all maps and so on. So, does anyone have an idea how to upgrade (linear or rinse&repeat) each shelter?
  15. No offense but if you only post videos for clickbaiting, please be so friendly to at least post you're linking to your own (and advertised) YT-channel. In all honesty, I did watch a few vids of you (without racking up your viewcounters) and they're hardly informative let alone to spend/spendnot $30 on DLC.
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