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  1. Looking to boost or play with a good coop team. If i have the achievements Ill help you get them. Add me, my gamertag is : AntonioBigBelow :locked:locked
  2. Hit me up, I need it as well. My gamertag is MyRawGamerScore MyRawGamerScore
  3. Not only do I want to help unlock online achievements, as well as get them too, I want to rank up and unlock the proximity mines to play with online. Man those are annoying to run into and not even having them unlocked. Hit me up, my gamertag is MyRawGamerScore MyRawGamerScore
  4. Looking to share collectables and get some achievements that require you to share. my gamertag is MyRawGamerScore MyRawGamerScore this game is addicting. hit me up, MyRawGamerScore
  5. Mine is working fine. If it keeps acting up. Uninstall the game and reinstall it.
  6. Do I have to unlock this stupid achievemnt during the summer? these 3 achievements seem easy but for the 10,000. Give me a break. Considering it has nothing to do with texas heat or what not, and single player is involved. I'm thinking this can be unlocked whenever you want. Anybody know? thanks.
  7. Looking for 10 kills in a row and hand slap, willing to help with anythinge else too. Add me My gamertag is :: MyRawGamerScore MyRawGamerScore
  8. Will they ever update this game to use a standard controller? Almost every windows game has the option and they figured, " Naw, not for this great game, just leave it at keyboard and mouse." Fu**ing stupid if you ask me. And I want the achievements , that is why I want to play this one too.
  9. Hit me up to unlock online achievements. My gamertag is MyRawGamerScore MyRawGamerScore
  10. Bought the new game of the week, scrolled down a little, and found Monster Island just sitting there( Re-listed ). No need to pay for that achievement either. (reason ot was de-listed in the first place) I missed out on this when it was delisted after 2 days it was pulled off the marketplace and was really bummed out. Now, I can finally play this bad ass game. And if you missed it, so can you. Take care. Just a little 411 on Monster Island sense I see nobody else made this announcement.
  11. I'm down to unlock some online achievements. My gamertag is MyRawGamerScore
  12. Just bought the game, Looking to boost. My gamertag is MyRawGamerScore MyRawGamerScore
  13. I million achievement. My gamertag is MyRawGamerScore thank you.
  14. Looking to boost, I have a lot of them and then I don't lol. I'm on all the time. Looking to kill some vista players too.
  15. My gamertag is MyRawGamerScore Looking for 8 player race, boosting xp. I'm a good boosting partner if you need one. Thaks. Will help with whatever you need.
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