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  1. Happy Birthday man!

  2. This is the epitome of frustration: Encore Mode, Warp Room, Forte City, Hanon Hills, Fort Fermata East, then Central, then West. Around the perimeter, down a ladder, back NE along the path to a locked room. Used Fort Fermata Key Heart Pendant is in my inventory, it is NOT equipped to anybody. Walk up to the sleeping Maledictor or whatever it is in the upper right corner of the room and he says "Uhh...Aahh..." and that's IT. WTF?^^ Anybody have any ideas?
  3. Thanks for the pointers about the S rankings, Shinobi. Are there any other general points of advice about this game that would be useful for newblets like me to know? What AC is the best to start with? How plentiful is money? What are the best things to spend money on? Is it better to incrementally upgrade an AC or to save for a new schematic you unlock on a different chapter? What are some of the things you wish you'd known about the game that you learned after playing it for a while? I've got this one on a rental, so I'm missing the instruction book and any 'pointers' it can offer. Anything you can provide is useful. I'd hate to send this back with only 50 of the 1000 points achieved.
  4. Hey all. I just rented this game and am new to the series. I haven't the slightest idea what I'm doing, and don't know how plentiful credits are or what I should buy or stay away from. I see a great guide on how to get S rankings with the über-schematics, but I haven't the foggiest idea on how to get there. So... anybody willing to outine a brief 'path to greatness?' Some general tips for newbs like myself? Thanks in advance, and always.
  5. I'm willing to jump in and go through the 3 co op maps with their associated achievements. On a rental, so I've gotta give it back soon.
  6. Just got it. When Anderson gives you command of the Normandy, Udina leaves to go to a meeting. Complete the conversation with Anderson and ask about the mission he was on with Saren. This is also the conversation that the prequel novel is based off of, so kinda cool to hear about it "first person" in a geeky kind of way.
  7. All of the TVs in question are in the mission "Charlie Don't Surf." With the help of this guide, I got it in a single play through, from a mission load on Recruit difficulty. Cheers for making it, this thing worked!
  8. Finished it tonight. Here was my tactic: Situation: M4A1 SOPMOD, Dragunov, 4 Flash, 4 Frags, 8 40mm grenades. Turn on NVGs. Use 5.56mm rounds to take out the guys (4) that rush out of the tunnels to the main area. Take up position on either side, push Cpt. Price out to the middle if need be, and switch to your Launcher. Fire one down each hallway, but land it on the floor in the middle, not the corner. You should hear the campers on each side groan as the 'nade goes off. Reload your M4A1, switch out your secondary weapon for the M104 shotgun. Load it all the way up with whatever ammo is convenient. Pick a hallway, and go down. As you come to the missle tube, turn towards the objective and fire two shots with your M104 into the doorway as you rush past it. Throw a frag in there for good measure. Switch back to your 40mm Launcher. Fire some grenades down the tunnel, making sure you clear out the part in the middle of the hall where shotgun guys like to camp. Proceed down the hall to the second missle, still using your launcher. Fire again to clear this area. As you come through, switch back to your shotgun and do the two quick shots to clear any fool standing too close to the exit of the hallway. If you have any 40mm's left, fire them downrange at this point, to the other missle on the far side. Pick off whomever is left with your M4... the NVGs will make this a lot easier. There should be about 3-4 guys down this tunnel. I have about 4 mins left at this point, so TAKE YOUR TIME. Halfway up the exit tunnel, you will hear Price talking again. Rush out and to the blast doors. I checkpointed at 3:47 left and had NO PROBLEMS. By the time I C4'd the wall (2:06 left) and cleared the room, deactivating the missles (1:22 left) it seemed STUPID. YOU WILL HAVE PLENTY OF TIME.Hope that helps somebody out. Happy gaming, all! Now to get that Mile High Club...
  9. On Rifles: You start out the level with an M4A1 SOPMOD (That's Special Operations Peculiar Modification, for the uninitiated) and a sidearm. Really, you could ditch the sidearm for virtually anything and do better. Some people prefer to pick up a shotgun instead (the first shotgun you'll come across is in the room directly above the staircase where you checkpoint). I'd prefer a G36C, myself. It fires the same 5.56mm round that the M4 does, so you effectively get double the ammunition with a gun that has a laser sight, grenade launcher, and a silencer. Also, as mentioned by others in different threads, it seems that the unmodified stock AK-47 is insanely accurate through this part and is a weapon you'll have plenty of ammo for since more than half of the terrorists have one. For some reason, I've checkpointed just before the missle silos with 5:47 left and a Dragunov, which is essentially useless indoors. If you REALLY want the SOPMOD, restarting the level is always an option. You may even do it faster than previous attempts. On Grenades: I found two spots so far to replenish your grenades, if you're not at 4/4 for whatever reason. The first one of these is straight ahead at the bottom of the staircase. The second is off to the right before you get to the missle silos, near a large wooden crate. On Difficulty: My friend beat this on PC early this morning on Veteran (PC users can LEAN!), and said that the next two or three checkpoints after this are pretty straightforward and the silo room is definately the hardest.
  10. Indeed so. Try this one out: 1. Go through it on Recruit or Regular. 2. Drop off McMillan at his little camper spot behind the wheel 3. During his 30 second wait before he signals the Seaknight, sprint back to the area you just came from. There's a similar door on this corner that is also a spawn point at the end of a side alley. Wait out the checkpoint and helo drop here, until its about 1000 meters out. 4. Sprint back towards the other door that has the intel, and it should now be open, for the easy grab. That method ^^^ worked for me. Hope it helps you too,
  11. I think that it would help everybody if we all standardized on what these rooms are called. My suggestions? Starting Point: Crew Quarters / Operations First Checkpoint: Staircase / Storage / Crates Second Checkpoint: Missle Silos Third and Fourth Checkpoints: Blast Doors Fifth Checkpoint: Wall Breach / Control Room The "long tunnels" that people keep talking about makes me believe that it is an interior corridor between the four ICBMs that haven't launched yet. Yes, those "pole things?" Look up at them some time.
  12. My best time thus far is 21.5 seconds. Something that I found that can be useful is instead of switching out your G36C for the MP5, switch out your pistol. You'll have an SMG and an AR, which means you can have more shots through the course without reloading. That's big too... don't ever reload when you're running the course. Switch weapons. Remember that you're flashing spots 4 and 6 so go in holding your LB if you want (Flashbangs, Stun, and Smoke WILL NOT go off like Frags if you hold the shoulder button) and chuck it in at the bottom of the staircase and as you turn left towards 6. Try not to get hung up on the corner of the hallway before the sprinting. If you have your MP5 or pistol (if you still roll that way) out, you'll actually move a bit faster.
  13. Just updated it a bit more. Zakhaev started another countdown and is going to launch the rest of the missles! O NOES! I get the feeling I should put my NVGs back on, lots of guys with shotguns in this part. Path ahead is blocked. Left or right at the fork?
  14. Aren't there more than 3 assault rifles in MP?
  15. I'd offer to help, but I just got to the 9 minute countdown myself. I can't even get to the first checkpoint! (playing on Veteran) Help me help you --- Alright... as an update: Took the left fork, cleared out the hall in about 30 seconds, used 1 flasbang. Cleared out the tunnel past that in about another 30 seconds, used another flashbang. Guys advanced and took care of the next room, so I advanced to the back left and checkpointed at the top of the first staircase at about 7:45 remaining. On Veteran. Ran ahead, switched off my NVG's and straight down to the bottom of the 1st staircase there is a dead guy that will replenish your 'nades. Switched to my Grenade Launcher and took out the two baddies neares the hallway, took cover on the left side, then shot another one downrange over the cover I was at to take one out on the far side. Broke off the the right, launched one at the guy with the AK-47 who normally mows you down and flipped back to my M4 SOPMOD. Backed against the wall so I wouldn't get shot from the left (sometimes there's a guy on that side) and got an angle so I could look clear down to the end of the room in a space between the crates. There's about 4 guys on this side, so count them out and advance slow. SSgt says "We're running out of time and gotta move!" and they charge down the middle corridor and once they pass in front of you, you're clear to advance to the next checkpoint. Took me 2 minutes, start to finish in here, so now I'm at 5:45 before impact.
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