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  1. It's not just you. Both myself and a mate have the same problem in both our games.
  2. You should be able to start a new character, based off your old save, and start it at chapter seven. Any achievement progress should still count as it's based off all saves.
  3. I went into one of the characters (Lady Maverick), and bought the cheapest thing there for her - think it was eyeshadow. Once I applied it to her, ding!
  4. I think as long as your PSI guy has over 80 Will before you put the PSI armour on him, you're always gonna be ale to work the Gollop Chamber. But nice to know he doesn't have to be PSI-leveled up beforehand.
  5. Somehow I managed to get all four of them following me at the end. Still fairly sure that Christa's pregnant, but I've got no idea what's going on with Vernon and that voice on the radio.
  6. Last event for me turned out to be, of all things, an ordinary drugs bust. I'd obviously gone in, found no-one there, fixed the camera and left. It wasn't until much, much later that I finally noticed the icon still on my map....
  7. Iguana fight first time round, and the second batch of three Hunters on my Superhero play-through. They were just... horrible.
  8. Possibilities : 1) You got him killed in an escort mission. 2) He's so in love with you, he's moved into your house in Cassardis. Either way, I suspect you'll be using the inn in Cassardis a lot from now on. Might be worth sticking a portcrystal down there.
  9. booster17


    I think you have to be online to access the Cloud level. Certainly I couldn't play it while in an offline mode, but when playing in a Live party, no problem. Try online with three AI if necessary.
  10. Got most of the 8 player achievements now, so sorry I'm out. Horrible trying to connect for some of them.
  11. I think this was the last one I needed for the achievement. Some of the levels require certain events to happen to change the music. On that level I killed Nezha early to finish it, but never met up with Da Ji - that turned out to be what was required. Try making your way to besides her, and wait around for a moment for the music to change.
  12. I too, love ShopTo. Installed it, and sat back to enjoy the opening scenes. So pretty....
  13. Activating the second controller character halfway down the corridor worked marvels for me. The Dementors all clustered around him, and let me get the crest fairly easily using Fang. Cheers for the tip!
  14. Did it on my third try myself, and all I can advise is to get over to the Flying Donut as soon as possible to let that take out any spare zombies and (hopefully) knock some health off the Sheriff. I also blew up the car in the middle to set the Sheriff and some zombies on fire as well.
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