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    Well I'm a girl with a gamer habit, that about sums me up!
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    Currently Ontario, Canada. Originally Yorkshire, England!
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    I live in a house with 2 White 360's, 1 Halo 360, 1 Wii, 1 PS2 and 2 SNES what more is there to say?
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    Anything to earn money to spend on games!!

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  1. So I've fought him and best him and now have the card but the accident hasn't popped yet. Anyone else have this issue?
  2. I hope not I still need those. Can you create a multi player game locally?
  3. I'm in an alpha tribe on an EU pvp server. Recently there was another huge tribe who went around wiping the map, the result was many players quit the servers. We took them out in a massive week long war (it was way more than a raid). They haven't been back since however now we have a quiet stable pvp server where people can build without worrying about trolls. We want more people to join the server to regenerate trades etc. Eventually maybe someone can build big enough to want to raid the alphas. Who knows. But if you like official pvp servers and are sick of getting raided every single day come to EU PVP server 256. Let's get it filled again!
  4. So I keep coming across this same symbol. It's a red circle with what looks like a butler or a man standing behind a counter and i have no idea what it means. Does anyone know?
  5. I believe that the set that came with stitch is a 1.0 set but iron fist is a 2.0 figure so won't work with your base.
  6. I'm up for boosting most evenings GMT and weekends during the daytime. Hit me up eiundari
  7. So I downloaded the update yesterday (TU7 the one with the horses) and since then my mobs are invisible. Ok I knew that I like to play on hard for more of a challenge but it's getting a little bit ridiculous! Is any one else having the same issue?
  8. Hi there, Had anyone had trouble with the investor achievement? I have business master (for which you need a hotel) yet investor never popped. It says "achieved....unlocking" when I view it in the achievements menu and it says that I have it in the Hasbro gangs room yet no luck and no GS. Anyone have a fix for this?
  9. Just started playing, currently level 10 Hunter, looking for others around the same level who want to co-op some of the story levels. Will be on from 2pm to 10pm gmt today.
  10. This popped for my hubby in chapter 3. He was still picking up blueprints after this.
  11. Thanks for that, I can look for a good used one now!
  12. I doubt anyone would £50 for a game that they probably already have on the 360. Now if you could get the pc version on the Xbox one, well that would make me dig in my pockets...
  13. As this is an EA game do you need a code to play online or am I ok to pick this up second hand?
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