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  1. Well, I realy enjoy this game, but the original xbox controller makes it a little bit hard. Do you use a different controller? Or maybe a different button configuration? Any advice is appreciated.
  2. This is an old game I know, but if someone is in need for this just use a camera and take a picture of the dragon. That way it's easy to get this achievement.
  3. Looking for a boosting partner. I'm in europe. Gamertag: stimpson j I'll stay on to return the favor.
  4. If someone is interested in playing headhunter to boost THE achievement I'm on right NOW! Also would like to get ctf achievement, because otherwise I feel 970 is the best I can get out if this game since ctf and headhunting aren't jam packed with players.... If you can read this post that means I'm still looking for a boost! Damn It! Somebody sent me a message and instead of pressing a I pressed delete.... So yes I still need this and I do want to join! Help! Gamertag: stimpson j
  5. I have to say that is a great list! I'd put Mario64 on it as well. Concerning the 360 I don't really know. Mass Effect would come close.
  6. My last game was Transformers FAC. I wanted to buy it sooner but other games got in it's way. I'm a huge G1 fan and enjoyed War form Cybertron very much and always wanted to play the sequel. Now that I finshed it I can imagine other people skipping this game. Story is predictable and the fact that you play different characters makes it less appealing if you're not a fan. I do hope they make another sequel.
  7. Damnation for sure. Played that less than an hour and now it's gathering dust.
  8. Yup the collector ship! Best part was finishing it.... This game drove me nuts.
  9. Hi guys, I'm playing this game for days to come. Just bought it actually and it seems not many people are playing. I want to get some of the achievements done, like invites and all. I'm however on CET, but stil send me an invite or friendrequest. I don't care about winning, I just like to play and win some games. stimpson j
  10. Hi if anyone is interested in playing matches hit me up! I suck at fighting games but I like playing them!
  11. I really loved his game and it's up for grabs for only 160 MP!
  12. Aaaaahhhhh. This is music to my ears. My friend I couldn't agree more. MS should take notice of this.... You want me to buy a game but then want to keep 51% of the shares so that when I want to sell it or give it away, you can say to that person STOP, give us your kudos for this resale or this game will be blocked. To bad really because I do like a new piece of hardware or any other gadget. But I'm not buying X1 anytime soon.
  13. Indeed! What about Tetris on the megadrive? Those are really rare, but you're right this should be a difrent thread alltogether.
  14. Mine is from an old cartoon series from Nickleodeon called the Ren and Stimpy show. I tought the cat was funny. Wanted to go or Powdered Toastman but i didn't want to spend MS so....would that even fit?
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