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  1. It seems like it doesnt matter, mine is lvl 8 and managed to get a strange coin out of a legendary chest armor.
  2. K/D @ 2.20 now, top 2%. Done. PP-2000: 2200 kills, top 1%. Place 11 in the world. Now trying to improve my kill streak of 39
  3. Keep on playing with the recon class if your stats are decreasing, really NOT SMART. Look what classes your squat mates are, if most are recon choose another class. This is the only way to increase your stats and win on the battlefield.
  4. The game does gets worse with every update for me. Never ever had corrupted save data, until last patch.. And the freezing; at release only on Dawnbreaker, now on multiple maps and even when loading maps or returning to menu.
  5. Press update player on the right side. After that's done refresh browser (F5).
  6. PP-2000 is a beast as well. Russian T-cross, silencer on it and a whole squad only knew what hit em when they see the kill cam
  7. Seems Dawnbreaker freezes way faster now....
  8. Going for a k/d ratio in the top 10% in the world. Currently 13% with a k/d off 1.87. And no I do not camp, I am kicking ass with the pp-2000!!
  9. Probably EA. It's consumers protection. See it like a new car, the engine stops once a while. The car dealer needs to fix this, otherwise I can rightfully reclaim my money. Now for the game; It freezes 3 a 4 times a hour, when I bought this I could know there where some problems, but that much freezing is ridiculous so the game isn't playable like intended. Dutch law says; Give the company a reasonable time to fix this (few weeks). No fix after that? I can reclaim my money.
  10. For this cases I have the Dutch consumers law on my side.
  11. Lol ps4 can't handle a commander, they did disable it. If the game keeps sucking i'll ask for a refund.
  12. First I only had the freezing in the map where C flag is on a bridge. Now it happens on ALL maps, even loading screens and so on. DICE what have U done!!!
  13. About time, freezing did get worse every day. Yesterday 2/3 times a hour!
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