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  1. DLC add-on that weighs in at 12.xxMb . This game will keep me very busy for hours on end as its nice to re-experience some mechanics all over again. Its fun. Just wish they would've done a high-res port. But you cannot win them all. But game is fantastic
  2. Ah.. let the fun begin yet again. I just did a quick run-through of these games and Can't wait. Though now with the earhquake thing Life is a little on hold. Trying to get ahold of family/friends. Everyone is mostly good.
  3. not impossible.. just persistence and time. i think the final achievement was to just play and play for many hours.. i put my joystick in autopilot mode
  4. I think the patch does help . It still loads just way less the normal.
  5. anyone know how to unlock this?
  6. The truth has finally been revealed. thanks MachineAres! Also define 'other things'. No idea when im getting this game but (Points @ Amazon) but i cant wait to tackle this all over on the US Console. Well worth the $50 regardless. and I know this already but this game is region locked to US Consoles (Sorry my euro-friends). @Fighterspledge you're just missing voices. In Japan you got a DLC Card which unlocked voices if you pre-ordered this game. It does add some element to the game. Death Smiles 2 has voices in there by default. It depends on which point of view you are on. Some folks are perfectionists and 'want it all'.
  7. Does anyone know if this will have voices like the DLC Preorder card in japan? Just curious
  8. @SKIBADABOMSKI: Sugeeeeeeee yeah very daru daru week for me . Except this weekend I will go to Comiket then next week back to America ;_; . I lost some more weight while here of course. Though I think I might get it back this weekend. Right now Im relaxing w/ my family being w/ my nephews and cousins. I bought my parents a new PC and we can do google video chat now. Going to save lots of money now ^_^ . Also very shocked to learn that my keitai works here in Japan (Blackberry 8830). It didn't learn last year but now it works so im doing just email only and no internet so roaming shouldn't be too expensive. Hope everyone is having fun during this week. Its so nice to be relaxed and I miss Onsen very much now more than ever!
  9. ohisashiburi!!! I am so tired! I climbed Fuji-san and it was VERY Crowded! I also did Nebuta + Kanto Matsuri so alot of time spent on the BUS. I take alot of Hato Bus tours because I like the tour guide and they do everything for me. Wanted to say hi to Ninja-san as I'm GMT+9 as well. Now its a weekend of visiting friends and izakaya!!
  10. Suge!!!! Ashikaga Hanabi!! It rained in the beginning ;_; but the rain finished fast. Some of my cousins already finished DQ9. Took my friend around town and showed him some stores I shop at. I need to buy parents a new PC. Sugoi mushi-atsui!!! Alot of my relatives were very surprised to see how much weight i lost. I go to Tokyo tomorrow meet up w/ some friends, drinking then Monday morning off to Aomori and Nebuta Festival. I will probably post here later. I was surprised to see that my American Keitai works in Japan. It didn't before! So enjoy gaming and will post later!
  11. Waaa. everyone has been busy! Well I go to Japan tomorrow and begin my summer fun. I read that 2 people died on Fuji-san >_< . I don't plan on becoming another person. I packed about 20lbs of food to bring back and extra 10lbs for omiyage. First stop of Ashikaga obon, then off to Aomori for Nebuta Matsuri then Fuji-san. I will be taking alot of pictures! So obviously no Xbox Live for me. I will bring DS with me and play lots of games while travelling. I guess I will have lots of time to play DQ9 while on the road. I will have to stock up on my xbox live points of course
  12. @Ultrapro I have posted 3 more pictures in my Video Game Collection of my Book case with stuff and some more video games. I even throw in there the proof of my radiant silvergun purchase. WoW lots of UK people here thats very cool! I want to go to UK one day but next year I have to go to Germany first. @[Waggly Bean] Do you have pictures you can post or link? Id like to see your saturn collection I dont have many mega drive games at all or Lynx games but I do remember the Lynx (Xenophobe!) Looking at my stuff in my room yes you will call me an Otaku but I would consider myself a closet otaku guy these days because of what I do with my work. But enjoy the pics. I look forward to see more pics from all you guys!
  13. Its just a different shooting game as far as style.. In English they call it a Run-N-Gun meaning you run.. Remember Contra? Like that. but its overhead like Ikari Warriors. and U can do tate-mode too! Dammit I cannot wait to go back to Japan. Must have.... kuri-monaca! Now Im happy to report the only thing keeping me busy almost is my trip and packing. Lots of omiyage to bring back. I cant wait for my nephews to get older so they can visit and stay with me in America.
  14. @Ultrapro Are u talking to me in your comments? Last count was over 1070 games in my collection.. I have everything categorized by platform and both import + domestic (USA + JAPAN) are in there . LoL I dont have biggest collection ever, my PS2 collection is small but ive seen people with over 3k games. I do like my collection and enjoy it. but as far as the best its nowhere near the best. Im sure I can find many people with a bigger and impressive collection. One of my friends has EVERY Neo Geo Game for AES, that is extremely impressive! Yeah I got DUX a few days ago as well, its a very colorful R-type kind of game. I think i have all the shmups for Dreamcast. I enjoy playing that on my monitor which I can rotate to Tate (Gateway 21" w/ vga,svhs+composite input). Very useful for my Saturn shmup collection as well. I think my most prized Dreamcast is my Dreamcast Divers. On the arcade well PCB Boards I have like 9. Neo Geo MVS Carts I have 22. EDIT: Really awesome stuff you have there. I do see some similiarities between your collection and mine. I also have the biohazard gamecube chainsaw. It took me forever to take pics of my games and post them online. I have to rebuild my closet one day because there is no more room in it. individual dvd/cd holders are too ineffecient now.
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