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  1. I'm looking for 1 person on a first come that knows what they are doing no noobs welcome. Looking to do an insane run on coop. Its not like the past gears u die when u take too much dmg not get downed someone pick u up battle continues. If u fee u are up for it msg me. I'm on early mornings as I work nights CST ZONE. Smooth Wrecker...
  2. Yes its on live u have to complete horde in one sitting u can't just stop mid way and pick up were u left off. Hardcore is a botch if u don't have a good scout thst knows what they are doing to keep funds in the fab
  3. Now what's stupid about gears 4 is not the load times not the glitches but how they broke the campaign on insane. My God its ducking stupid u get limited ammo and u no longer get downed but die if someone looks at you. If u playing as Katie u only get 3 rounds of sniper ammo as it seems no ammo box you find replinishes her so u ducked using enforcers trash.. Just another lame ads judgement imo..
  4. pwner still can be done with 2 controllers on private but from what ive seen and heard stats get reset when a guess is signed so attempt at your won risk
  5. If you can find a warzone match which is very lame, u will find the pistol on canals, rooftops, clocktower and a few others. good luck to anyone still needing this headache of an achievement. not sure why they changed the game mode types lame.
  6. Yep pretty much another bone head move on Microsoft studios move. Blitz is fun though just have to have one person stand in the ring while everyone defends. just cant cap and run out
  7. Location of Kingston all the side activities except tavern refuses to unlock. not sure if i missed something or needed to talk to someone to get this unlocked but spent 2 hrs with no luck. any assistance would be appreciated
  8. I noticed a lot of the weapons on certain maps are replaced with the retro hammerburst only weapon needed
  9. So were can you find the boltok pistol in multiplayer? Game type/map only weapon kill i need and havent seen it yet
  10. Any suggestions to this odd issue im havning. Ive completed the game but now working on collecting all of the riddlers trophys. On the world map founders island to be exact is says ive collected everything, however when u go in to play the recordings its sayings im missing a total of six trophys and ive been through the video twice. Getting annoyed and advice would be appreciated.
  11. Oh this game is so going in the trash. This my problem and i knew this from the start of the campaign when i grabbed a shotgun I would notice that bullet holes are hitting the walls when i close to one but not the enemy and im thinking to myself am i shooting blanks? Ok Gears Devs thanks for the updated Graphics, thanks for the 60pfs but why oh why would the [email protected] up the dmg effect of the shotgun, water down the blast ratio of the boom and nades. Bunch of idiots.
  12. It doesnt matter about FPS. For the simple fact the Shotgun sucks. Sometimes its a one shot one kill other times they just shoot blanks and you right in the persons face. 2nd the boomshot used to dominate on the 360 this one is so watered down someone could be standing still and it downs them rather they fall to peaces. 3rd the nades sucks as well it has a stun factor if it falls next to you rather then under your feet. They GOW team so screwed up this hands down.
  13. So anyone who says SOR2 is the worst of the three have no fucking idea what they are talking about. 2 was the best by far and max is one of the better of the characters. So he may be slow but his strength makes up for it, all his throws kills and or drains an enemy with a lot of health. dont even get me started on the atomic drop from behind. Can we say its over.
  14. Two words to put it plain and simple. FUCK EPIC
  15. Recently started playing gow 3 online. trying to get my Socialite cheevo and comes to find out the events calander is no longer available wtf is that shit about epic. they always find some way to screw up their games one way or another
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