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  1. I will run through and download everyone’s in a mo. Please download my tunes and design. Search my gamer tag: kiddingpigeon Also can be found with: TA BOOST the design and tune has been done with: 2017 Ford Focus RS I have quite a few tunes done which are good for speed and grip. THANKS ALL!!!
  2. Looking to boost battle of Heros , I have both cars. Online for the next 40 mins. Message my gamer tag - kiddingpigeon
  3. Looking to boost online wins for XP, online now for the next 8 hours - drop me a message if interested on Xbox ... Kiddingpigeon
  4. Endless knight achievement glitched? I got a strait 50 then chose to die.. No achievement! Made me so angry - I'm 110% done with this game... CEX tomorrow!
  5. This is an issue on the X1 currently, I am logging in twice daily, my rewards credits keep going up each day (getting 8000+ currently) but rewards still say day 1. There is a glitch, has anyone reported this to activision? Can someone provide me a link and I will report this? I have looked at TA, no one has unlocked the achievement in over a month.
  6. Will USB 2.0 microphones work (old rock band/ guitar hero mics) or will this only work with USB 3.0 mics? anyone know what mic will be supplied?
  7. There is hosting in the game - I to have been kicked because a host has left, I partied up with everyone on my team (not friends, and did not join the game as a crew) we were getting destroyed by the opposing team (host advantage) to the point where the opposing team could shoot my feet with a shotgun from 10 feet away and it will one shot kill me with a head shot!... but if we run in and shoot their body/ cheap hit and shoot... even try and chainsaw this had no effect! We then won a game (KOTH) - they got a bit to big for their hosting boots and decided to focus on kills... and the main guy quit... this ended the match halfway through - we ALL got kicked with the same message 'the host has quit/ left' whatever the actual message was... the next game I played quit points was applied! So I know they say it is server hosted and not individual hosted... but I call massive Bullshit on this - There are many montages on youtube also with people displaying this behaviour.
  8. New DLC is up, £1.50, does not look like any achievements tied to it - unless any one can tell me otherwise?
  9. https://store.xbox.com/en-GB/Xbox-One/Dlc/1989-Movie-Batmobile-Pack/e351018d-4c4f-4192-beb8-e7d595f2c36f is this the new DLC pack with the achievement? £1.50 seems very cheap to me - just checking if anyone can confirm?
  10. Going again now for a few hours currently 4 people in the room
  11. Boosting now if anyone wants to join, in a room called boost KOTH under online section.
  12. Ok people's you will need 2 handsets for this trick and the modifier 'juggler' (I think it has something at the end of the name) NOTE - this can only be unlocked from hourly towers. Start a two player Kustom battle against you and the second handset, select the idle handset to be sub zero (good height and not to heavy (makes him easy to juggle) select the juggle modifier on either side of the board for both (doesn't matter who has selected it) Start the match up, run the idle player to the wall and take yourself over there also, perform and uppercut and now keep hitting the 'X' button every second to keep him in the sky. You will easily get a 10 hit combo with every character! The achievement will pop during the match. A few characters I found their 'X' attack to be a bit poor, so also turned on the modifier unlimited X-ray, get a small chain going (like4 or 5) then X-ray whilst they are 'floating'. Hope this helps guys and gals.
  13. For the MK 3 tower easiest way to get secret fighter is as follows; Round 1 win with fatatilty Round 2 win with fatatilty Round 3 win with brutality Do not lose any rounds, any character may be used. Secret fighter (Melenia) will appear after the 3rd fight. Hope this helps
  14. Anyone else have an issue actually playing the game... E.g. Getting it started, mine keeps growling at me then kicking me back to dashboard??
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