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  1. add redsales on XBL for a reliable boosting partner.
  2. It's really a shame that all these issues are ruining what is otherwise a solid and challenging game. I can't compare it to the biggest loser, but I'm extremely happy with the difficulty (advanced is INSANE sometimes) and tracking. But unless THQ fixes this,no sale on DLC. At least they're not publishing MiCoach now.
  3. +1 I don't like what the OP is doing, but he is working "legitimately" within the confines of the game. It falls on Bethesda to time out the idle players to avoid this. I don't even have this game yet, but would definitely vote to kick idles, as is my legitimate right as well. If it's as short as people say, I'd rather just do it than "achieve" something entirely through others' work. Ultimately, we all have to play for what's worthwhile and fun for us. For some people, leaving an xbox on idle turns their crank. For others, guns blazing. Yes, they're the same achievement score, but one is clearly worth more than the other.
  4. I did this for two of the gold brick space missions, and the gold brick 100% achievement still unlocked for me. In both cases, I didn't sign a profile into the second controller, and dropped the dummy controller out once the shooting started, simply to get a full screen to shoot at instead of a half. BTW: OP, thanks for posting this solution. I'm so solipsistic that I never would've considering using another person/controller.
  5. As of October 30, 2010, confirmed the 2-controller method does NOT work with update installed, but I unlocked it next run after I cleared my cache and played split screen with a second controller. My main account didn't kill anyone, so that's not necessary despite some speculative posts above. So just clear your cache and either go stealth or go hard refilling the ammo stashes and you'll get it easily. i) I don't doubt the poster above me, but I played with two LIVE accounts on split screen (both were silver at the time), was asked to update twice, did not update, and still wasn't silently screwed. ii) I also heard the princess comment WITHOUT the update after I cleared my cache, yet the achievement still popped. So I can confirm two live accounts are OK, and don't start over just because you hear someone say 'princess.'
  6. I have exactly the same problem. I read on a PS3 site that the guy had to start over. I can't believe this...any other tips from people who've unglitched it?
  7. This would've been much more of a challenge without the guide...which is NOT what I was looking for. Thanks for your hard work and the easy 1000!
  8. I finally got this. I had played 85 matches before I consulted the forums. Here's what I can tell you definitely works: 1. use the FIND XBOX live players option in competitive. I played at least 40 of the matches with someone in my lobby, but it didn't unlock. 2. It is 25 SONGS, not matches, though I don't doubt that the achievement is glitched to the point where some people will have to play separate matches. I say SONGS because it unlocked during the middle of a match with me and my boosting partner. It unlocked at the screen where it showed the running score up to that point in the match. 3. You don't need to quit out to the lobby to search for each other again at the end of each song. My boosting partner and I played about 4 songs in a row while not backing out and it unlocked at the same time for us. I know that it won't unlock the same way for everyone, but I'm just writing what worked for me personally so that you can try to duplicate it. The key points are that songs seem to count, not just matches, and that you should do the playing/boosting after finding XBOX live players, not by inviting to lobby pre-game. Good luck to all.
  9. Beautiful work, especially love the color coding. It made this amazing game even greater.
  10. Definitely worth $6, and DLC is definitely worth $2. Too bad it's $10...so I'd pass on the DLC.
  11. I checked mine off, did them twice and it didn't pop. I got POed and did a random XYB combo on the Alchemist and it popped....but literally minutes after I meticulously checked it off for the second time. I'd have to say it's somewhat glitched.
  12. It unlocked right on schedule for me and my boosting partner. We went back to the lobby twice, once to change to avatar, the other two to change difficulty. But the other 23 songs we played straight just pressing green 'go to setlist' after the same revolting song (Like Whoa) was over. It kept a running count of all our matches...ie when he'd win a song, it would say "[his GT] wins!" and then right after, "redsales wins" as I was still ahead in the series. We did it all in one sitting, took roughly 1.5 hours (lots of delay between songs due to load screens). So I can suggest that, playing with the same person, and not quitting out. Treat it as finicky as 'Sampler Plate' from GH5 and you'll get it.
  13. I have one guy who can help, two if we do it today. I'm looking for League Champion but will help with the other online group achievements if possible. Send a FR to redsales and let's knock this off!
  14. Here's a tip for anyone who has an autofire controller: once all the properties have been bought and 2 players are left with relatively similar bankrolls, rubber band the left stick to the right as well as the A button on autofire. It might save you an hour or two by letting the game play itself. Of course, you can do this for jet setter too, but it's probably quicker to play round 1 on developer mode than regular monopoly.
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