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  1. In search of: - Jack's Hammer - The Tenderiser - Sorrows Fist - The TYPO - Beadle's Cutlass - Blood Craver - Tee Killer Shooter - Skorms Justice Message me on live anytime please
  2. I just finished lvl 24, went back got a few more stars.. To get 40 stars to unlock lvl 25.. So now I have 41 stars and lvl 25 is still locked... What gives?? Am I glitched??
  3. Anyone having problems with this.. I have like 30 plus rooms and the achievement hasn t popped yet
  4. Ok, I have noticed this the last few days.. on Monday I was lvl 90, about half way to 91. Tuesday I load up the game.. and BINGO!! I'm lvl 92?? , weds, 93, played till I hit 94, Friday I load it up .. and I'm 95, and now just this morning.. I load it up.. I'm lvl 96!!!!?? is there something going on ?? anyone else seeing this???
  5. so I down load the new update and not I cant turn/ spin left of right.. anyone else having this issue?? and what do I need to do to fix it??
  6. OK just as I put in the title.. its just not popping.. did it in a boosting group.. everyone but me got it any one else have this problem??
  7. Is there something wrong with this game all of a sudden?? I put it in to knock out a few achievements and well , can't find any games at all. on any game mode. and when i goto campaign... i can't select the 3rd mission on Raven down, to get the last one done on elite. Are there known bugs or problems??
  8. i'v just killed that guy, then the other aliens blow up, and i get the cut scenes, and defeat.. i just played it again....all 5 of my guys hugged the wall ( i brought a shiv) my PSI chose advances, sees the guy in the middle ( ethiral with big helmet) .. both my snipers plasma his ass, then a shreder rocket kills him.... cut scene.... runs to the end.. get report and its a defeat...
  9. ok i have played the level 15 times now, each time i blow the hell out of the Etherials at the end, cute scene, .. then mission report: defeat!! WTF?? everyone is in PSI armor, everyone lives.. no deaths what am i doing wrong ??
  10. all my guys are alive... so i'm not sure why i get a defeat each time i kill the last two
  11. Ok i'm at the last level, on the Temple ship.. i have 2 Aliens left, the boss guy and a mind cotrol Etherial, i kill both of them, and at the end i get a defeat??? am i missing something??? how do i get a victory??
  12. all mine are named after GI joe code names, So far i have i have a list of the dead: Duke ;KIA Roadblock: KIA Low Light: KIA Grunt: KIA Footlose: KIA My sniper COVER GIRL ; has 116 kills
  13. last night was in a muliti play match of decoy... died .. then got stuck in the repawn screen... but everytime i tryed to respawn.. it would give me 37XP for Squad reenforments... i did this for 2 matches.. ended up with 20000 xp ... any one else have this issue???
  14. nice video, except... it sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it shows the cleaver, but not how they got it... build a base... wait till wave 2.. then???
  15. ok i have searched high and low for the hidden mickeys.. i have 4 out of 5... i can't find the 5th one.. i have played the dam ride 20 times now.. i have the bird one.. after the goat?? i have hit that switch a bunch of times.. and i can't seem to find any on the tracks.. what gives?? anyone help?? please
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