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  1. hey, I am keen to experience the preview program, always fascinated by them. I've friended you and my gamertag is: mastersword92
  2. Hey I thought i would let you know that Xbox's next games for gold game Dishonored is now on the Xbox site as free.

  3. I'm keen to do some boosting on this, preferably 1v1 as I am so bad at this game no matter what I do and just need the general achievement to go. my gamertag is: mastersword92
  4. I also need help with the Crimson achievements, my gamertag is mastersword92. Ill always be willing to play seeing as I have nothing else to do for a while.
  5. if anyone wants to play co-op or needs help with achievements, just send me a message/game invite at 'mastersword92'. really want to play the co-op again but its impossible to find a partner
  6. ok, I just went through and viewed and rated (5 stars for everyone cause i love all you guys ) all the names listed here with x360a100 tag like I promised, don't you just love it when people stay true to their promises?
  7. mastersword92: x360a photoshot will help view/vote for everyone else in return
  8. I used the supercar, it was a little tricky with the terrain but if you cut it off at one of the corners, you'll end up catching it.
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