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  1. Organising a party for AC at 11pm (GMT) tomorrow (Sunday) if people are interested. Shall be going for all the DLC achievements, plus possibly some level 20 boosting/playing. More than four are welcome, as everyone needs the achievements and it'll make the whole thing much quicker. Message me on here or preferably XBL.
  2. Pretty good, I suppose. Graduated from college, got a job, been dating the same girl for over a year. I guess I've become an adult! You?


    I haven't played much multiplayer lately. AC3's didn't do much for me. But I will be going back to Halo 4 when the newest DLC drops.

  3. Aww, you thought of me? I feel privileged. That said, the last time we talked/played together was way back at the arse end of the Gears 3 beta.


    How've you been?


    If you're up for playing some ACIII or RDR - or something else - multiplayer, let me know!

  4. Curiosity. I've not talked with you in a long while so I was curious if you still visited here. I'm back to being semi-regularly active.

  5. I am here on occasion, kind sir. More for the guides than the community, as it seems to have taken a hit lately - bar a few good people, obviously. Why do you ask?

  6. My good man, do you still find yourself visiting these parts of the internet or are you gone forever (gooooonnnnnnneeee foreeeeeeeeeevvvvvveerrrrrrr)?

  7. 1.) What age range do you fall under? 13 or less [ ] 14-17 [ ] 18-21 [X] 22-25 [ ] 26-29 [ ] 30+ [ ] 2.) How many hours a week do you play games on average? 5 or less [ ] 6-10 [ ] 11-15 [X] 16-20 [ ] Over 20 [ ] 3.) How many years have you been playing videogames? 5 or less [ ] 6-10 [ ] 10-14 [ ] 15-19 [X] 20-24 [ ] 25 or more [ ] 4.) What game genres do you play regularly? Action/Shooters [X] Action-Adventure [X] Roleplaying (WRPG) [ ] Roleplaying (JRPG) [ ] Strategy [ ] Racing [ ] Platformer [ ] Music/Rhythm [ ] Fighting [ ] Puzzle [ ] Sports [X] Other (please list): ____________ 5.) Do you primarily play single-player or multiplayer games? Single-player [ ] Multiplayer [ ] About equal [X] 6.) Which of the following devices do you own and use to play games? (Noted that the nature of this forum will skew the results!) Xbox 360 [X] Playstation 3 [ ] PC [ ] An iOS device [ ] Playstation Portable [ ] Nintendo DS [ ] Nintendo 3DS [ ] 7.) How often do you purchase downloadable titles (xbox live arcade games, apps, Steam titles etc)? Never [X] Once or twice a year [ ] Every 3 months or so [ ] Once a month [ ] Two or more times a month [ ] 8.) Would you like to see more games utilise comedy? Yes, there are not enough funny games [X] Yes, although there are a decent amount of funny games [ ] No [ ] 9.) If this game was released over Xbox live and interested you, what would be the maximum price you would pay for it (bearing in mind that it would take 15-25 hours to complete)? Up to 200 Microsoft Points [ ] Up to 400 Microsoft Points [ ] Up to 800 Microsoft Points [ ] Up to 1200 Microsoft Points [X] [if you have never played a JRPG before, or have but do not enjoy them, please skip this question] 10.) In JRPGs, do you prefer traditional turn-based battle systems or more modern, real-time battle systems? Turn-based [X] Real-time [ ] -------------------------------------------------------------------- I'm also a Pisces, I like long walks along the beach and most importantly, I love a good ol' Evertonian with a dodgy accent.
  8. Anyone care to say what 'this' method entails, as it's been taken down by the user?
  9. Yeah, that's what I meant. For whatever reason I've stopped getting ranked points, so I need to know if that stops the wins going towards the achievements...


    I've won nearly 300 matches between classic head-to-head matches, lobbies and custom matches, all ranked. Pissing me off.


    Thanks for responding.

  10. I can't seem to remember. Do you mean games where you can search for DNF and stuff? I'm sure I played by searching custom ranked games with opponent DNF% below 10 and won like that as barely anyone quit on me. Is this what you mean? Hope this helps...

  11. Alright fella. I seem to remember you posting about how you'd done all 100 ranked wins in custom matches - on FIFA 10 - and got the achievement. Is that true?

  12. I've seen varying opinions on boosting this, but there doesn't seem to be anything concrete. That said, everything was going along 'swimmingly' two days ago, but now whenever I play I don't get any ranked points. The win still counts towards the leaderboards, but as we know that doesn't really account for anything. The strange thing is that my partner gets points even though I don't. Thoughts? Ideas? Anyone?
  13. Remember Me. I went with my then girlfriend to see this, and I - like everyone else - assumed it would be shit because Robert Pattinson was in it... How wrong I was. Not only was it pretty good, with a somewhat obvious/not obvious twist at the end, it brought the bigger shock that Robert Pattinson can actually act. Although, he's lost all his credibility with doing the Twilight Saga bullshit.
  14. I don't think mine is classified as a 'rage' message, but it's definitely retarded. I was playing on FIFA 10, trying to get the 100 ranked wins achievement, when quite predictably, a guy left half way through the match because he was losing 3-1. I sent him a message, calling him naughty names and a poor loser etc. He replied. 3 days later, this mini-saga of messages is ongoing, and his latest 'comeback' - if you can call it that - is "I'll be on benefits and you'll be paying the tax, who's the moron now?". This was after an earlier comment telling me he wasn't a chav, or anything of the sort. I can't fathom the stupidity which thinks being on benefits is better than a relatively high paying job prospects.
  15. Will do, good sir. Will do.

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