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  1. Call this number: 8889686287, that's the line for teh promotion. This happened to me. They're emailing me new codes.
  2. I work a Wednesday-Sunday 5 day, 40 hour week. I have almost every monday and tuesday off, so I'm shooting for a prestige before work wednesday.
  3. You unlock the Prestige playlists first prestige.
  4. You can add me. Grrrrrrrowlithe (7 r's). I just got a fight stick, and need someone to play with so I can get used to it. I tend to only play shoto characters because I didn't really have any skill in this game until recently, but I hop around between all of them, so I'm not going to sit there and use my main, Ryu, every fight, but I might play one or two with him intermittently. I'm in america, btw.
  5. Traded in a couple of games today and got a mvc2 te fight stick for 70 bucks. So worth it, it feels fantastic. I'm still getting used to it, and dragon punch inputs are a little bit awkward right now, but it is so much smoother to play.
  6. Okay, now I understand why you're upset. It should only be the host can kick, or other players can initiate a kick-vote.
  7. Can people other than the host kick?
  8. How is the kick abused in free roam? If the host doesn't want you in his game, he has every right to remove you from it.
  9. The most awkward thing I noticed about her (I've been playing with her pretty much nonstop) is that her EX Senpusha gets beaten out by a NON-EX Senpusha as well as MANY GRABS. The grabs thing blows my mind. I've been grabbed out of a EX/NON-EX Senpusha at least 10 times by Makato, Ibuki, Zangief, and T-Hawk. That's ridiculously aggravating to me. And when I say out of, I mean, mid-spin, not right after finish.
  10. I did not realize a sense of humor only came from crack.
  11. It says "Get It First on Xbox LIVE", not "Play It First." They didn't do anything wrong, we did GET the map pack first. We just have to wait another 30 days to play it, like the other platforms.
  12. Activision sets prices, not IW. I couldn't give a shit either way. I have a job, and bills to pay, but 15 bucks is really not much at all. forgot to quote. don't care enough about it to fix it.
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