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  1. GT: Mental Jay Game: Nier: Automata Become as Gods
  2. Hello, just wanted to say there is a mistake in the achievement list for Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm on the Xbox 1. The achievement for completing all other achievements (Perfect Storm Master) is listed as 15G but should be 70G. As such, the checklist says 945/1000 when all achievements are marked off
  3. GT: Mental Jay Game: What Remains of Edith Finch Fingers crossed!
  4. Hoping for the same results here. Currently sitting at 93% with 49/50 achievements =/ EDIT: Unlocked next day. Time stamp oddly enough shows as ~1/2 an hour after my 49th achievement
  5. Any plans to finish this guide? Was really hoping it would be done by the time I started the game but looks to be abandoned. What is there thus far looks super helpful though!
  6. Nice work on the guide! Just a few things I thought should be noted No Easy Way Out - your guide says best done on Normal but the description is Heroic/Legendary. Does normal actually work? Already done it so can't comment No One Left Behind - an alternative strategy to do it solo easily is that until you clear out all 3 areas at the start, the marines are invincible, so you can use a ghost and nudge them off the edge where you started the level and there is a lower level where they can survive but not get into a battle. They will rarely fall off so you can put 2 or 3 down to be safe. Airborne - from my experience, it seems like you can't get this by killing a guest account. My friend and I couldn't seem to get it to unlock but as soon as we killed each others' main accounts instead of each others' guests, it popped.
  7. Does anyone know if Restart Level is a reliable option, or is it safer to always choose the mission from the main menu? Wondering for speed runs when I'm struggling
  8. It doesn't seem to have counted as coop either. I'll give it another try soon making sure I don't touch the Resume option and see what happens. Thanks for the help EDIT: Yep, that was the problem I suppose. Cut my time 6 minutes anyways
  9. So I did my legendary speed run of Forerunner in H4, and nothing about it seems to be recorded. In-game shows that level as completed solo legendary, but Waypoint and the leaderboards don't seem to know I've ever played that level. I got the achievement for carrying a UNSC weapon all the way through, but of course no actual level achievement (not Done...Unlocking either). Less concerned with the achievement and more concerned that I get to keep my speed run time towards You're Joking. Anyone know of a way to fix this??
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