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  1. Got it first try with this method. Thanks!!
  2. Didn't unlock for me yesterday either, but got it first time I tried today.
  3. All three codes still active. Entered them new just now, 5 PM CET
  4. Did anyone else on here pre-order the game (stanley cup ed) from Cdon in Norway? In the e-mail they sent with pre-order stuff there`s only a code for the Reebok 20k pack, but no code for the 16 HUT gold packs. Got an answer from their customer service saying that code was shipped with the game. This sounds weird to me as it was listed as a pre-order bonus on their website. (and there was of course no code in the box)
  5. You can add the cheevo "Drawrings" too. Just draw something on the whiteboard in the dressing room at the start of the game. Btw, I didnt get the Natural Disaster one while blasting the dropships in the mothership battle.
  6. mortenl

    EA Pass corrupt

    This is connected to the XBL Marketplace being down today. I just re-downloaded the online pass, and everything seems to be working again.
  7. Small correction. The requirement is maximum 3 players from one club.
  8. Looking to boost the beat a 5-star team in HUT cheevo. Also interested in card trading and boosting other online stuff both on this game and NHL 10. Pls msg me at XBL: GT: Apolli0n or send me a message on here I'm in the central European time zone.
  9. You'll probably need to leave it on longer than the 6-8 hours suggested in the road map. The first time I tried this I left it on for 4 hours and the following day I waited 7 hours. I still haven't gotten the required number of oil cans, bobbleheads and pizzas for the cheevos to unlock though.
  10. Great sale this. I've just ordered the game for £9.99 from play.com so I'll get the 4 DLCs now as well.
  11. Alone in the dark - Worst game I've ever played and not even worth the £3.99 I paid for it.
  12. I had the same problem here yesterday, but I was able to apply a contract card to a player just now.
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