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  1. Strange little game (262mb), looking much like the NES Final Fantasy games. As far as I can tell it only allows controller inputs (?), of which my character seems to run indefinitely in a direction whether I tap the analog or D-pad. Achievements are syncing - I'm just wondering why the controls seem to be off.
  2. It seems there is a problem with the WIN10 version. I cannot seem to get any achievements to pop. It is showing as a separate list - but 0/1000. I tried finding a support link on Hamsters website - but have been unsuccessful so far. Anyone else having issues?
  3. GT: Team Effigy Game: Assassin's Creed: Origins Review
  4. Anyone know if Kholat xboxONE and WIN10 share an achievement list (cross-save) or if they are stackable? I was burned on Turing Test and Quantum Break by buy the WIN10 store version only to find out they shared the xboxONE achievement list.
  5. Anyone else having issues with this game installing and running? I have tried uninstalling-reinstalling, hard reset and on 3 different consoles. When I start the game, the loading screen shows -then crash to dashboard. Any suggestions?
  6. I've tried it a couple of times. Hitting about 5-6 min times. I've been hitting about 3 buttons, dashboarding ( + + ), watching the next 3 buttons, rinse - repeat. It adds about 2-3 seconds every time I dashboard - so I'm really confused why my times are so high. *The + jump into small space is super helpful - and I agree, if you fall on the towers, you should restart. It feels like it needs to be a fairly near prefect run. I'll probably revist it this weekend - as it seems pretty obtainable.
  7. I have been unsuccessful at using 'dashboard' as a way to stop the timer. Was there an update that patched this out? ~ Looks like I'm gonna have to grind this and get it legit... buh!
  8. I have tried several Bluetooth controllers paired w/ my Windows phone. Does this version not have controller support? I just played through the Windows 8 version... what's the difference? I cannot believe they would have removed it for this version. Any ideas?
  9. Is this anything like Koi for the PS4?
  10. I got all the rest of the Cheevos' well in-hand except the Legendary Dwellers... Can I breed them? The radio doesn't seem to be pulling them in, and I'm sure not buying lunch boxes hoping for them... How can I grind this one? ~ Luck? -Ugh.
  11. Yeah, it's given to your account/profile for playing, -not nessecarily to each new vault.
  12. With so many unexplained options - are there any preferred settings? Cheat Codes? I move so slow after level 10... I must be missing something.... Any ideas?
  13. Fable III: PC = Stuck in Understone DLC, Quest: the Voice ::Just after the elevator, enemies do not spawn - and electric gate halts progress. Reload drops me into the glitched area, and cannot fast travel during quest-line. Truly just broken DLC that EVERYONE hits? or is there a fix for this yet? I see lots of posts of other people reporting the same issue. Anyway to reset the quest?
  14. Yeah, it seems it's not able to read any boot sector. Keep trying an alternate boot-disc method.
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