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  1. That's the same mission. I'm running around there for like an hour or more and I have no clue what to do. The next one right after (you can skip it but I'm sure you need to complete it for the award) is just as confusing and I gave up trying the others as I guess they would be worse. That's why I said the Suicidal Circus Featured Adventure. I didn't even touch Story Mode yet and been playing the other modes first. It's not located in that playlist.
  2. I'm guessing this is the adventure I need to beat for the award and after the first 2 levels, I don't know how to beat the 3rd or 4th as I've sat at each level for over an hour not knowing what to do.
  3. I remember when it was released, but never had the time or money to get it. Now that I got the cash I've been eyeing it to purchase, but I noticed it said in the description: "This game supports Japanese only" Does this mean it supports a Japanese 360 only or something else?
  4. The game said I have all 8, but when I look on the computer I only have 7 of them. I did already try and replay the final christmas level and I still only see 7 on the computer.
  5. I know no one will probably ever see this, but please tell me how you put this in as I've been looking all over the net. I press start, Hold down LT and RT, Press B, B, Press Up, Press Left, then A, the game asks me if I want to exit... I press Left (it goes to yes), I press A, The game ends.
  6. Not much of an achievement whore but... I honestly think the moment I get level 26 and finish up the last 2 of my achievements that I'm going to stop playing this game until they fix the connection problems in this game. Sometimes the game would start with a full list and you would see all drop making the game end (I've seen this happen, and always happen right before the game even loads up the map). And in Co-Op it's worse. Rarely happens on trhe 1st round but I've seen it happen a ton of times on the 2nd round and 3rd.
  7. 1) But there's much more on the PC, that's why I've been wondering if this game is worth it or not. No one is really telling me though. 2) You could say that, but I could also spend that $20 and probably get a full retail game for 1000 points if I'm going an achievement route. 3) Explain this to me? I don't have a Facebook, but can you explain this to me? 4) Eh, guess I can give you that, even though I never really counted awards as things I pay for. 5) Can't you make your own gamer pics though? That would mean even if you want those specific ones, you can probably make them yourself.
  8. I might be the only one that thought she was an old middle aged lady until someone told me it was Chobot?
  9. How do you do the 1st option?
  10. I don't think I quite understand the meaning of this achievement.
  11. I got it with Sonic Boom the 1st day I bought him/her, and I think I understand why. I think when one of the hatchlings die, it counts as an "enemy kill". I'm working on a 2nd 100% save, so when I get up to that point, I'll farm/kill hatchlings and see if I do get the enemy goal that way.
  12. "OR" if you're in Co-Op, all you have to play is the hardest.
  13. In case no one knew, you don't have to grab a car in the street if you have a car you can customize in your garage already. Just go to a rimjobs, 1st pick a car you own that you can customize, and then the moment you're in the car, press Y and then of course follow through with the rest by going to the non customizable vehicle and "accept".
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