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    achievement hunter;)
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  1. i would really love to boost some cheevos add me to the list if you can : )
  2. looking to boost all achievements hit me up gt kareem66
  3. looking for someone to boost multiplier with
  4. hey saint mike i am still up to boost all the online cheevos for this game
  5. looking to boost any and all online chevvos hit me up gt kareem66
  6. looking to do all the dlc achievements
  7. looking to do all online achievements
  8. looking to boost all online achievements send a msg
  9. looking to boost multiplayer send a request
  10. still looking to boost achievements plz msg
  11. if anyone still plays this game does anyone want to do a co-op play through on nightmare ??
  12. i would like to boost all the multiplayer achievements.
  13. looking to boost all multiplayer achievements plz msg
  14. hey I would like to do running the show achievement plz msg me if interested TBALT i will saend u a fr
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